Mar 24 2009

Take Affordable Pictures With a Disposable Digital Camera

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If you find digital cameras hard to use or you find it difficult to print your photos at home, a disposable digital camera offers an easy alternative. With this type of camera you will still have the ability to download them from a disc to your computer for emailing, croping or creating cards, etc.

Disposable digital cameras may sound too good to be true but their quality is truly spectacular. These digital cameras are a “green” product and usually cost well under $20. Automatic flash, indoor/outdoor use, red eye removal and zoom and crop functions are some of the most popular features included with a disposable digital camera. A lot of digital camera makers now produce a low cost disposable digital camera that does not require the technical knowledge of their more expensive and high tech designs. Due to the quality and popularity of digital photography, a disposable digital camera should be a great selling product.

Pure Digital is coming out with a new version of their two megapixel disposable digital camera that comes with an important feature earlier models lacked: an LCD screen so you can actually see what you’re taking a picture of. It is just under twenty dollars. You can snap some above average pics with this inexpensive camera which may make up for the inconvenience of not being able to download them directly to your home PC. Japan is leading the way here on disposable digital cameras made from recycled cell phone displays. Right now only the LCD displays are recycled but the company plans to incorporate phone camera lenses in the future.

Even a casual photo taker can have access to the Pure Digital(R) Imaging platform with one of these uncomplicated cameras. Single-use, recyclable panoramic cameras are convenient for people who appreciate point-and-shoot simplicity. Panoramic cameras are perfect for those special wide angle shots of mountain vistas or vast skyline sunsets.

This is such a simple camera to take your photos with it makes it a lot more pleasurable. These easy to use cameras do not come with an instruction book because they take great photos with only one touch.

Disposable digital cameras do not cost anywhere near $400, which allows you to leave your moare valuable camera safe at home and still have the technology that you may crave in a camera for a little over $10.Overall these are great digital cameras for $20 and sometimes even cheaper.

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