May 12 2011

Superb Ideas for Marriage Photography Sessions

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Because of the history husband and wife have together, couples photography sessions can be extremely enjoyable. Your lives have been intertwined in many ways, the perfect reason to capture your relationship on film. Don‘t be shy or hesitant to dig into your past to establish groundwork for the joint photo you wish to take.

Couples Photography

One of the most common ideas for a photo shoot is to create a series of photos around the first place the couple met. You don‘t have to be where you met to take the photo, if you are willing to do your homework. Beach scenes are easy to reproduce, it that‘s the photo image you want projected.

Potential couple’s photos

  • A shared mood or emotion
  • Location where first met
  • A facsimile of your first date together

Another common photo idea is to recreate your very first date. Without going too far off course, many first dates were dinner dates and movies. Having a movie marquee in the background along with the couple tentatively holding hands and looking at each other might be a great way to represent the idea.

If there were some unusual aspects of your marriage proposal they, too, could provide fodder for a photo shoot between husband and wife. Like the other possibilities we have discussed, facsimile backgrounds could be implemented to promote a theme without you actually being there.

Select the general message you wish to convey, and go with it. Are you interested in posing for a flirtatious photograph? Whatever emotion you decide on can be captured on film.

Another way to generate ideas for your couples photography session is to consider locations that have meaning for you as a couple. For those at home in the woods, couple shots taken in Nature can work capitally. Boats and lakes are picturesque, feel free to take a photo while sitting in a boat near shore. A colorful sunset; what could provide a more impressive backdrop for your photo? Or, taking a photo with both of you gazing into the sunset as if looking into your future?

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