Jul 03 2010

Sony Bloggie : The Best Pocket Camcorder

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Colourful, light and easy to carry, the Sony Bloggie camera is the fabulously spontaneous way to share memories, update your personal blog or post to social networking apps while you’re travelling. Just point and shoot: then walk into any web café, hook up the Sony bloggie and upload your life using the camera’s embedded PMB Portable software. Both new Sony bloggie camera models are playfulness and soft to use. Press a button and shoot crisp, clear 5 megapixel still photos. Press another button and capture the moment in sparkling Full HD MP4 video.

Sony MHS-CM5 is a pocket camcorder that has got a special design, 5x optical zoom, 1080p HD video support, and dual memory-card support. The quality of video shot from the device is hard enough in most shapes, but falters in some, especially in low light.

The design of the Bloggie MHS-CM5 is fairly unique in its own way, but holding this miniature version of a full-sized camcorder is pretty comfortable. It has a flip-out 2.5-inch LCD display, which moguls on the twist on flip-out and rounds it off on flip-in. A USB connector swings out from a side compartment, but expectable to the design, it may not fit in all USB ports. However, Sony saw this issue and included a short extension cable to get around that issue if you should have to.

Overall, we prefer the smaller designs of the Flip-style camcorders, but going bigger does have its advantages. First, there’s a considerable divergence between the digital zoom establish in the Flip models and the 5x optical zoom got here. Digital zoom is basically useless because the picture degrades as you zoom. And while the CM5’s optical zoom isn’t stellar and the autofocus can be a little jerky when you zoom, the image is comparatively firm. You constitutional keep your hand ultrasteady at the high zoom levels, however, or your video will appear very volatile.

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