Jul 28 2009

Some Really Good Digital Camera Buying Tricks

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With so many opportunities for the everyday consumer to utilize online auction sites like eBay, why would anyone resort to buying brand new digital cameras at full prices? Or, any product for that matter.

Before the advent of digital cameras, it was harder for Canon, Sony, Kodak, Nikon or Kodak to come up enough new features to convince customers they should upgrade their cameras. So they didn’t.

With digital cameras, it’s generally megapixels. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – “pay no attention to the megapixel ratings of any camera you look at”. It just doesn’t matter anymore. They pretty much all have 6MP or over, and that’s plenty for 90% of all photographers.This cheap digital camera accessories and this digital ready camera should help.

Canon is the most prolific camera maker today. Part of that reason, is they cater to every level of photographer. From absolute novice to seasoned professional. That’s also why they sell more cameras and camera lenses than anyone else.

Which is fortunate, as it really helps framing your shots better than a LCD, and can considerably save on batteries when you turn the LCD off. If your going to use the full 6x zoom, I would recommending a decent tripod. As with many cameras in this category, there is a delay in between taking pictures when using the flash. Usually around five seconds. Inconvenient to be sure, but hard to get away with out spending a bit more money.

The biggest difference between the two cameras, is that the older 770SW can go be used in up to 33 feet of water, whereas the newer 790SW can only be used in up to 10 feet of water. Olympus apparently decided that the demographic for the 790SW weren’t big deep sea divers. Probably makes sense.

Friends of ours recently used their 790SW at one of those indoor water slide parks. They shot a video while hurtling through one of those big blue tubes from beginning to final submersion at the bottom.

It still takes pretty darn good pictures and videos even in non waterproof environments. But, if you do feel a need to swim with the sharks, or follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, the 790SW is the sidekick for you.


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