Jan 13 2010

Seven Reasons Why You’ll Love Using Black Picture Frames

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Want to know what color of frame will go with just about any picture or decor? Just like the perfect dress, basic black is the answer. Black frames look good with just about any picture and blends with just about every decor. That’s why black photo frames are viewed as the most popular color of frame.  So here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider using black photo frames in your home or office.

  • Black is a standard and highly common color. Black is an easy color to match as there usually isn’t much variation from one black color to another. Mixing a variety of different styles of black photo frames makes a stunning wall display. An entire display showcased in different styles of black frames is a fun, sophisticated and contemporary way of making your pictures stand out.
  • Black frames go with every color of wall and finish. No matter if your walls are painted or are made out of stucco, brick or concrete, a black picture frame will blend with your decor. There is no bright or unusual color of wall surface that will clash with the beauty of a black frame.
  • Black frames look good with every type of photograph- whether it’s a black and white print, sepia tone or a color picture. Black frames really make black and white photographs look stunning and should be one of your first choices when framing any old photos. Black photo frames are one of the most versatile frames around. As beautifully as they display photographs, they are popular for displaying diplomas and certificates at home or at work.
  • Black frames go well with all types of photographs. No matter if you’re framing portraits, candids, action photos or other artwork, a basic black frame is always a great choice. Black frames are especially popular for still life photos and landscapes. Professional photographers often use black picture frames exclusively to enhance their artwork.
  • Black frames complement a wide range of interior decor at work or at home. Black picture frames go well in a diverse mix of settings from doctor’s offices to restaurants, retail stores auto mechanic shops. Black frames seem to adapt to their surroundings, and that’s why they have universal appeal.  There are lots of different styles of black frames available like antique frames, ornate frames or even modern frames. Depending upon the style chosen, a basic black frame will complement a contemporary, modern or even old-fashioned home decor.
  • A black frame makes a great gift, especially if you are unsure of what to get. The recipient of your gift will always be able to find a place to display a black frame. So, if you want to give a gift that is useful, practical and always appreciated, you can’t go wrong with a black photo frame.
  • Black frames are available almost anywhere and in just about every price range. With so many different styles, shapes, sizes and decorative features to choose from, there are all kinds of ways to express your creativity.

Hopefully this article has shown you the versatility of a basic black frame. This versatility and being able to find whatever style, size and shape you want, makes black frames a great addition to your home or office.

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