Oct 13 2010

Sell Stock Photography — Do It The Right Way And Win.

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I will tell you the best images to create and the best place to sell stock photography.

The most important thing to know before you sell stock photography is not to waste your time making images nobody needs. There might be exceptions to this.

Unless they are incredibly unique you should not waste your time on things like creating sunsets and clouds. Stock sites have more than enough of them.

Originality is what you want when getting started with stock sites. Why is this? Already they have archives of millions of photos. In this abyss of photos you must do your best to stand out from the crowd, and be different, original, and great!

If you can be conceptual this is the best way to go. Concept photos, which are original, is what a lot of stock sites are seeking.

If you want to sell stock photography here is a list of some things to avoid:

Forget About Sunsets & clouds

Don’t Waste Your Time With Forest Snap Shots

No Pets Like Your Dog Or Cat
A big no no for pets.

The most obvious thing, and these sites have enough of them.

No flags.

Photoshop Backgrounds
Obviously these backgrounds are not stock.

Now these are the things to focus on if you want to sell stock photography:

Food and Beverage
Holding the food.

Corporate Photos
Dressed properly.

Teams, Groups
The more the merrier, get people into the group.

Yes this is the hardest and most creative, and challenging category for most people.

Sport Shots


Seasonal Themes
Christmas, Valentines, Easter, the usual.

Yes, if you do it the right way, it is really not hard to sell stock photography. If you follow my suggestions it is more likely that you will sell stock photography. Give the popular stock sites and costumers, what they need and want.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to to experiment.

There are two places to sell stock photography: Shutterstock.com or Istockphoto.com. I think these are the best and most popular sites. They will reward you for your effort.

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