Oct 27 2010

Sell Stock Photography, But Beware.

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Sell stock photography and be creative. I like being really creative this is how I roll. I sell CG animation, photos, and footage.

I really like creating conceptual imagery. This is the most challenging and interesting category in my opinion.

If you want to sell stock photography and be really creative this is the way to do it.

I think there is only two good places to sell stock photography. But where you can sell stock photography I’ll tell you in a second.

Before I tell you about it you should beware of some categories. You should not waste your time focusing on creating photos of sunsets, forests, pet shots, and flags.

To start off be original, be creative, and think of all of the keywords your images could have. Keywords are super important, so properly key-wording your shots will greatly determine whether you will make a sale.

If someone is looking for stuff like yours they will find it if you have focused on uniqueness in both image and key-wording.

Shutterstock.com, and Istockphoto.com in my opinion is the best place to sell stock photography.

The most popular and biggest is Shutterstock.com. The more inventory means the more people there will be actually searching. So if you are selling there, and if you have done your keywords right, if you have unique images, you will earn money.

The best place to sell stock photography is the one with the highest quality of images too, and that is probably Shutterstock.com, which you should want to part of.

I Love selling stock photography, and you will love it too once the cash starts rolling in.

Since I am a full time photographer, I know that it is the best job in the world. Create enough original images and you could be a full time photographer too. Get your best stuff together and start to sell stock photography now!

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