Jan 08 2009

Sell Art Photography

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Simply put, art photography is pictures of art works. And selling artwork photos is a good niche to specialize in. People love to collect art and art photography.  You can carve out your specialty and demand higher prices if you focus solely on selling art photos.  Here’s how to sell photography

This is a different market from stock photography.  Instead of selling to designers or ad agencies, you are selling directly to consumers who will probably want framed prints. Look for a local company who can print your images cheaply. You could also find partners online which may have cheaper prices than local framing companies becuase they don’t have expensive offices. Then you could sell photography online.

Try to get photos from local art works and those made by local artists.This may get your lower prices on what you pay for your art works.  Or you can coordinate with a printer and have large poster-size prints of these artworks. 

Think local.People are proud of their hometown and like to show of art from their hometown.  You would make it easier for them to do so.  These may be pictures of local paintings, or sculptures, or even of the local architecture, like old churches and their interiors.

With paintings, you can talk to the museum shop and sell your prints there.  This would help the museum as well as become a steady income for you.  You can also talk to local art galleries about having them putting your prints up for sale.

You can also get in touch with local sculptors and have their sculptures taken.  This could also serve as an advertising medium for them.  These are just some tips to help the beginner photographer.

Alternatively there are also online companies that specialize in selling prints of photos.  Of course, these are quality clean, sharp, high resolution art prints. This market focuses on aesthetics and do not necessarily follow the requirements for stock photography.  In this case, common scenes or subjects like garden flowers might turn out to be sellable items.

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