May 18 2009

Selecting The Right HD Digital Camcorder

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Are you in the market for a hd digital camcorder ?  How do you determine and select the one that will be just the right one for you?

It would be hard – almost impossible – for the average consumer to keep up with all the new products available. Short of attending the Consumer Electronics Show, or the Photo Marketing Association Show, how can we keep up with what’s new and innovative? Rely on our representatives, that’s how!

Electronic Trade Shows

Electronic companies get the chance to showcase and expose their new products  at trade shows like such as the Consumer Electronics Show.

At these shows they unveil their latest products.  Case in point, if  a hd digital camcorder has new features such as a “robust still feature” or a “high resolution sensor” ‘600 fps recording mode, “strong overall video excellence, “ultra small compac body” or exceptional low light sensitivity, they will want the consumers to understand it.  This is where they have the chance to establish the superiority in the market in comparision to other simular type products available.

Electronic experts will regularly attend  related trade shows across the United States.  This is done to gain knowledge of new products on the maket and it is part of thier job. At these shows they compare and study products such as the newest hd camcorders and accessories. Then they are prepared to write valid reviews on camcorders and inform those that arent fortunate enough to attend these events.

But Really, Can You Trust Them?

So you located a website that has a review of the hd camcorder that you are considering.  How trustworthy is the review?  Is the person reviewing the product reputable?  How can you be certain?

Take a look at the website you’re on. Is it a neutral site, one that is an “equal opportunity critic”? Or do they tend to review certain brands more favorably all the time, or recommend a certain manufacturer’s products and exclude others? These sorts of things will help you determine the validity of the reviewer’s opinion and which digital camera to buy.

Some sites are known to be more reliable, like  pcmag’s and cnet’s website. If you’re on a website that belongs to the manufacturer, only a fool would expect it to be unbiased. In that case, let the buyer beware!

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