Oct 22 2008

Searching For The Best Digital Camera

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If you are looking to buy your first digital camera that you may be wondering where to start owing the huge array of new technology about. For someone who is dedicated then they may spend quite some time researching consumer reports to find the best digital camera. Once the search is over it is time to gather up your savings for the camera of your dreams; that brand new 10 megapixel, 10 times optical zoom camera with a two and a half inch screen. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t ever stop for breath and your personal choice is no exception, so after months of searching you now have to have the latest version of the camera which has taken over the accolade.

So we have a dilemma because now there is this new version, we simply must have this latest best digital camera. We should have known but because we must have the best digital camera then we will just have to swallow the extra cost. There are certain factors to consider when looking for any digital camera. Much is made about the number of pixels and the truth is the more you have the better.

You normally find that the higher the number of pixels, referred to as megapixels, the camera has, the deeper the colors and clarity of the image will be which helps the final printed version. The resolution of your image is based upon the megapixel property of your camera which means that as you enlarge the picture, you would get more detail and less blurry colors. Good quality models are now using large LCD screens around the 2.5 inches area which is great for viewing them afterwards and for framing the shots perfectly. Many of the best quality digital cameras now have special functions enabled so the image can be edited to a degree on the screen itself without the use of a computer.

The only downside to this great feature is it uses more battery power so always keep a fresh set with you at all times if you don’t want to be caught out. Most digital cameras have a digital zoom but an optical zoom is always better. You will find lower price cameras almost never have an optical zoom fitted so it will really be down to your budget. Your camera will normally come with a memory card albeit a small one so you will probably need to buy a large capacity card, so use the one you have to make sure you purchase the correct one.

A number of cards have been used over the years but the main ones are: the Secure Digital, Compact Flash, Sony’s Memory Stick and the newer XD cards. Try to obtain the largest memory you can for your camera and your budget. For example, for the price of a 64mb card a couple of years ago you can probably now buy a 1 gigabyte and now some memory cards can go up to 16 gigabytes. After all is said and done, the best digital camera you choose should match your lifestyle as much as it should your pocket. If you enjoy taking shots with your new toy and use it regularly then that is all you can ask from a camera isn’t it?

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