Oct 22 2009

Searching for a great wedding photographer

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Wedding Polly & Henry, Lagoon Bali #2
Photo by baliartphotography.com

The wedding is one of the most special days for a couple’s life. For a lot of women they have been waiting for this their whole lives.For the men it is the day when they can finally say that they got the women of their dreams.  With it being so special there are so many important jobs to make that day special.One of those important jobs belong to the wedding photographer.You should hire a good and talented one since it is one, if not, the most important job during a wedding.So how can you do that?

Well as a San Diego wedding photographer I have seen the ways couples have gone about trying to choose ones.Here are key points to look at when deciding and this is from my experience as a wedding photographer.

First thing you should know is the budget you can spend for a photographer.It would not do you any good if you find someone you like but is very expensive for you to afford. So you must decide how much your budget is then that is the time you can narrow down your choices.  Of course since it is such a special day my opinion as a San Diego photographer is to now worry about price.Since a photographer is given the hard task of capturing the magical moments of an equally magical day of a couple then the price should not be a factor. But if price is a deciding factor then you should be able to determine your budget for hiring one.Once you know the limit of your budget then it would be easier for you to look for a good photographer that you like.

After you have already determined the amount of money that you will spend on a photographer then it is time to look for one meticulously. It is like any job.Would you just hire someone to be your employee if, for example, you own a business?  Of course you wouldn’t and neither should you with hiring a photographer for the job.You would want to know if you are compatible personality wise.  You will want to see their work.  And from my experience as an event photographer San Diego, you want to see how much experience they have dealing with weddings. If you go and interview a lot of prospects then you should definitely find a photographer that you like.

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