Apr 16 2009

Resolution, Pixels and Mega Pixels in Digital Photography

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Messing up images’ resolutions and dimensions is not a laughing matter, but unfortunately it happens even in specialized environments. If someone tells you they want a picture printed that is of 300 dpi, you won’t be able to understand what they want, but sadly they don’t understand either why you can’t serve them. Compared to classic photos, that are a tangible piece of paper, the digital image doesn’t have physic dimensions that can be easily perceived. classic pictures have two defining dimensions, so giving this two will say everything that needs to be said about that image. In digital photography, it is not enough to give the length and width of a picture, as it’s not enough to give only the pixel density.

the provenience of the word pixel comes from “pictures elements”, for short, Pixel, and these are considered to be the smallest divisions of a digital photography image. As centimeters are the defining units for tangible photos, pixels will be the ones that best define digital photos. For example we say we have an image of 2000 x 1500 pixels. But people can’t tell how much a pixel means, because there are no real tangible dimensions to define it, so we also use picture resolution.

Resolution means the density of pixels per inch. This is what the previously mentioned 300 dpi means, the resolution of a certain digital image. Now, we have all the variables: density, length and width in pixels, so real dimensions can be calculated for any picture.

When digital photography was still young, the greatest problem producers faced was coming up with digital captors. This is why, the number of mega pixels that could be produced by a certain camera was considered important. Today, when we go to a digital camera store, we will see this number written big and in bold, as they are the only thing that matters.

Because it is so striking, people look at for mega pixel number when they shop for a digital photography device. Spicy prices and a big mega pixel number don’t necessarily sell the best digital camera, you should look at battery life, at accessories and brand also. snapfish

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