Jun 30 2011

Rebel T3i Detailed Step-by-Step Review

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Rebel T3i First Thoughts

Out of the box, this is no doubt a fantastic looking Camera. Canon decided to improve the quality a little, as it’s noticeably a far more serious camera than previous ones, in look and feel. Picking up the camera, the rebel t3i feels good on a tactile level.

The rubberized grip material is much better quality than previous versions, and when picked up, the camera fit comfortably inside my medium-sized hands. Turning your camera over, all the doors and flaps for memory, batteries, etc.. were sturdy and out of the way. They also open and close quickly for when you need to get to them during shooting.


One of the biggest bright spots of the new camera may be the Vari-angle LCD viewfinder. As I played around with this, I was happily impressed. I took the camera outside on a sunny day. Even in bright sunlight the big icons and characters were simple to look at on the viewfinder.

Picture Quality

Overall, the rebel t3i took sharp, crisp photos on a consistent basis. Something that was immediately noticeable was how much quicker the camera seemed to be due to the new Digic 4 Processor.

When preparing to take a shot, the focus was very fast and accurate, although the focus dots are fairly small and were tough to see at times. The 9 point AF system was quite responsive in bright light. It still worked quite well in darker settings, but became a tad slower due to the slower aperture range within the lens.

Video Feature

As I’d heard good stuff about it’s abilities, I was anxious to experiment with the video function on this camera.

Initially, I’d some difficulty manually focusing in between each take. It wasn’t that it had been hard, it was just awkward and not very fluid at first.

As soon as I got used to it, there was no problem, and always having to focus in-between takes is always the norm with DSLRs, which means this isn’t really a negative. Bottom line, the screen for this camera still blows away most other cameras in it’s class.

Navigating The Menu

Honestly, Canon really did a great job with the menu system on the rebel t3i. Knowing their audience, they geared a lot of it towards beginner DSLR users.

The user interface has lots of instructions and help for beginners- for those of you more experienced photographers-you do have the option of turning the help off, which I ended up doing.

One of the best features here- the “My Menu” settings area enables you to register your most often used settings. If you’re usually shooting within the same type of environment, this can help keep your optimal settings which means you don’t have to reconfigure them every time.

Overall Thoughts About This DSLR

Overall this camera has thoroughly impressed me. While not marketed as a “top of the line camera”, it does everything quite well and has been designed with quality in mind. A few of the features, like the vari-angle LCD and also the new Digic 4 processor make it hard to beat in it’s class.

There are also some other features and things to be aware of before buying that I go more into detail on my review site of the Rebel T3i, so I encourage you to check it out. I also include good info on how this SLR Camera Review stacks up to some of it’s competition, something else you’ll want to investigate before buying any camera.

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