Jun 30 2009

Professional Wedding Videography

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Wedding videography refers to the documenting of a wedding on video. Its final product which is commonly called a wedding video is also referred to as wedding movie or film. Just like in videography in general, in the case of wedding documentation on video we can also distinguish between amateur and professional wedding videography. Whether it is wedding, party, or corporate videography, you should keep in mind that this is a form of art and requires a lot of elements in the process. Some of these requirements are of human nature and we refer to commitment, passion and talent. Besides, technical skills and appropriate equipment are a must in this profession in order to get to a good final product in the form of a smooth video.

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Professional wedding videography can be traced back to the times before the advent of the modern video camera. At the beginning, the only way of capturing movies and pictures was on film, and lots of people turned this filming activity into a hobby. The old film cameras had serious limitations in a number of elements like their short film load times, the high processing costs and the impossibility of applying or recording sound with the images. The beginnings of professional wedding videography were quite primitive as the equipment was generally of low technical quality. Cameras required bright lights; they had fuzzy pictures, the color saturation and the mono audio rendered pretty poor quality results.

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At present, the developments that have continually occurred in the field of videography in general have led to incredible products, especially in professional wedding videography. The final result is a combination of exquisite sound and image quality with some additional special effects for a unique touch.

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Different styles can be identified in the field of traditional wedding videography. The most commonly used of them range from journalistic to cinematic. Thus we can count traditional and short form wedding videos, video journalism or cinematic storytelling. Wedding videographers do not refrain themselves from using just one of these styles but, they mainly rely on variations and combinations. Professional wedding videography has come a long way and the number of services it provides proves quite impressive. Thus there are: simple photo montages, love stories, engagement videos, bridal elegance, highlights and same day edits.

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