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Professional Wedding Photography – Do You Need It?

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Some couples on limited budgets might question if they need professional wedding photography. Wedding photography packages can be expensive, and many couples might try to cut corners by paying the photographer only for his or her time and the proofs. If you are one of these couples, take heart. There are affordable wedding photography packages out there, if you take the time to look for them.

Professional wedding photographers bring a lot to the table that may be hard to replace. The professional is an expert at capturing subtleties of expression and nuances of the environment. Your friend or relative may be reasonably skilled with a camera, but unless he or she has professional experience, it is likely that the person will miss some of the fine details that a professional photographer would capture.

If you want a wedding album that you can be proud of, professional wedding photography is a must. Doing the photos yourself or asking a friend or family member to do it is risky. You might get lucky and end up with a few photos you’re happy with, but good photography has nothing to do with luck. Many factors such as lighting and camera angles have to be considered before the shot is even taken. It’s unlikely that an amateur would be able to capture the true feel of your wedding day in photo form.

Couples who choose contemporary wedding photography, such as wedding photojournalism, may not feel that hiring a professional photographer is necessary for them. Their shots will be candid, not posed, and will reflect the day as it unfolds. They may feel that a friend or family member will be able to capture these shots accurately.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a friend or relative does not have professional detachment in regards to your wedding. He or she will experience emotions, personal drama, and the gamut of reactions that come with attending a large family event. It is possible that even the most well meaning friend will inadvertently miss some shots due to other things that are happening throughout the day. Additionally, the photojournalistic style requires that the photographer remain completely uninvolved in the unfolding situation. This is a difficult position in which to put someone who obviously cares deeply about you.

Affordable professional wedding photography is available from trained wedding photography professionals. If your budget is truly tight, you may want to hire a wedding photographer who has just started out on his or her own and is eager to build business. Many times, he or she will have been well trained as a staff photographer with a larger company prior to starting his or her own company. Be sure to ask for samples of the photographer’s work, but do not write someone off simply because the business is new.

Also, consider hiring a wedding photography professional solely for his or her time plus the original media, forgoing expensive wedding photography packages. Explain to the photographer that you are on a tight budget and enlist his or her help in saving money.


If your wedding is extremely small and simple and you have a friend who is an excellent photographer, you may be able to get away with forgoing professional wedding photography. Otherwise, it is truly worth budgeting your money to pay for the skills of a professional. After all, the other elements of the wedding will be around for only one day. The photographs will last a lifetime.

One of the most challenging tasks a person can undertake is planning a wedding. What with time restraints and budget concerns, some couples prefer to give some of the more all-important aspects out of their wedding completely. One of those aspects should not be Photography. In this article, we will handle several rudimentary subjects on wedding photography that all couples should recognize while planning their special day.

How far in advance should I book a photographer for my wedding?

Numerous photographers recommend booking a photographer as soon as you get engaged, or at least until you know when the wedding date is. It is suggested that the couple who is engaged book 8-12 months in advance because numerous studios book wedding dates promptly. Weddings are more numerous from months of May all the way to October when the weather is most favorable. If you select to hold your wedding during this period of time, the photographer you select will probably want a non-refundable deposit or retainer fee to book the date of your wedding. This makes certain that you will have this studio or photographer on your desired date, as well as guaranteeing a job for your photographer. The quicker you book your personal photographer, then it is more likely you are able to have a solid working relationship with your first choice.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a professional?

The essential benefit to hiring a professional wedding photographer is the experience that they have. The majority of wedding photographers have extensive experience dealing with numerous various individuals and tough personalities.  They have confronted tough weather conditions, and have run across numerous technical problems. Because they are specialized in photography, they are well equipped to manage assorted wedding sizes or photo demands. Unlike a friend or relative of the couple, a professional photographer’s chief goal is capturing candid moments on film. Recognising they are depended on delivering high-level photos that will be loved for many years to come, they are less likely to be carried away by facets of the ceremony. With an event that allows no second chances, hiring a professional is a good investment that will help keep your memories of your special day around for years.

What are the most utilized kinds of cameras for wedding photography?

There are three main kinds of cameras used in wedding photography. They are 35mm cameras, digital cameras, and medium format cameras. In this new age of digital technology, 35mm is still a widely applied camera for wedding photography. These are utilized primarily for wdding snapshots that are of a fast action nature. They are valued for their strength, compactness, and their simplicity in terms of use. Digital cameras have become much more popular, even favored for wedding photography. The quality of photos is just as superior as film, also there is no time needed for processing, no risk of damaging negatives, as well as the fact that photos can easily be adjusted for a better outcome. Medium Format cameras produce a negative that is up to three times bigger than one from a 35mm camera, without a loss of detail. Yet, Medium Format cameras are much bigger than 35mm’s as well as digital cameras. A fourth kind of camera that may be used in a studio for a pre-wedding shot is a Large Format camera. These cameras are stationary in function due to their weight as well as size. They are mainly employed for commercial studio photography. Even though these cameras hold an exceptional lens, the prices for photos that are taken with this camera can be pretty costly.

What kind of photo styles do photographers usually use at weddings?

Photographers use two all important styles at weddings. The first one is traditional or portrait style, the full-dress poses of the bridal party, family, as well as friends of the couple. There are little to no candid photographs with this type of style. The other technique that is employed is style of phtojournalism. This is a more contemporary and modern. It is about snapping up photos of unprompted moments, and sincere emotion. These types are taken with very little direction from the photographer. There are two other styles that are not as commonly used as Traditional and photojournalistic, and they are normally cretuve as well as illustrative photography. Illustrative photography is normally laid out like a commercial photo shoot. The types of photos taken in this style are akin to those seen in magazines as well as even billboards. With creative photography, photographers have the freedom, utilizing different lighting as well as different angles, to create their own artistic version of your wedding day.

After I have selected a photographer, what other questions should I ask him or her?

Once you have made a commitment to a photographer of your liking, there are still more questions you have to ask. With larger studios particularly, you should ask whether you will be working directly with the photographer you initially spoke to. Ask to have a meeting with the individual who will actually be taking photos of your wedding. You might likewise want to ask the length of time your photographer has been in business, or how many weddings of your size they have worked with in the past, and if they have liability insurance. You may wish to inquire with hime or how long it will take to get the proofs back to you or their rate for printing extra photos as well as albums. You ought to certainly inquire about their back up plan and arrangements for whatever unpredicted changes. As well as any refund or cancellation policies they may have.

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