Jul 13 2009

Professional Videography

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Videography is the process of capturing moving pictures/images on electronic media such as streaming media, videotape, hard disk, or solid state storage. Whether it is amateur or professional videography, the term videography refers to and includes the methods of electronic production and post production. Videography somehow equals with cinematography; the element that differentiates between the two is that in videography the recoding media is electronic while in cinematography a film stock is used. The term is a combination of the Latin word ‘video’, which means ‘I see’ or ‘I apprehend’ and the Greek suffix ‘graphy’, which means ‘to write’. With the growth of digital cameras at the beginning of the 21st century, the distinction between cinematography and professional videography was no longer that apparent.

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Both the amateur and professional videography market have developed to the extent of covering both production and distribution at present. As a resul, market segmentation has occurred, based on the application: broadcast video, event video, corporate video and others. Plus the advent of the Internet has contributed to this expansion of videography beyond the processes of shooting videos with a regular camera. Thus, when depicting professional videography there are several categories to identify with distinctions between digital animation, web streaming, gaming, still slide-shows, video blogging, remote sensing, medical imaging, spatial imaging, and, in general, production of bitmap and vector-based assets. With the conquests in the fields of computers and the Internet on the one hand and that of videography technology on the other, videographers can now create their assets on the computer without involving image devices at all. Software-driven solutions are what they need to use in the process.

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Professional videography requires more than the simple camera operation, since visual design and production are equally part of the job. Professional videography in particular, can thus compile music videos or just video releases, like in discography or filmography.

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In professional videography the specialist spends many hours documenting on the event s/he is going to put on video. After the preparatory stages, the cutting of some scenes and the application of the music background that create the smoothing flowing video story take some more hours of work. Professional videographyis actually the art of capturing certain moments in time. Besides hard work and commitment, an ounce of talent and vision are also necessary to do a good job. Technical knowledge as well as high tech equipment are also necessary to produce the best quality video. Professional videography may thus start like any other profession with film school graduation or like a hobby by filming family and friends’ events.

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