Nov 09 2008

Problems finding a good camera?

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The latest digital cameras are brimming with technological features,this often leads to people buying something that doesn't suit their needs. So what are should you look for if you are looking to buy a digitalcamera? Just to help with the confusion that you may be feeling, some information on what to look out for is discussed below. The most important question you need to ask yourself is: what sort of photography do you intend to use the camera for?

Will you be using it every day? A point to remember when you are looking at buying a digital camera is what type of batteries it uses because ideally they should be rechargeable,long term it will be less expensive to use this type of battery. You also have to consider the power of the computer and the printer you will be connecting it to for editing and printing needs.You may want to consider buying your camera as part of a new computer system which would probably include all the software and a printer as well. If you don't already have some proprietary image editing software then do not worry because it will usually be included when you buy a digital camera but a photo printer will have to be factored into the equation if you don't already have one.

Most people with computers will have a printer but you must check to see if it can be used for printing photos. The megapixel resolution of the camera will ideally need to be adjusted as high as it will go if you want to produce decent size images. When buying your digital camera, look for a large LCD screen version which many newer cameras have as standard,this screen allows for greater shooting flexibility in addition to making it easier to view them afterwards.

The more comfortable your choice is, the more likely it is you will use it. Take note of how easy it is to operate because although functions are important, if it isn’t easy to use, it won’t be! Many newer digital cameras come equipped with large internal rechargeable batteries but if not you shot invest in a couple of sets,not only are these extremely cost effective, less batteries means less are disposed of which helps the environment. All digital cameras have a LCD screen which is a small screen located at the back of the unit,large screens make taking the picture so much easier.

Some lower specification versions only have a LCD screen and the larger this is, Try to buy a model with an optical zoom which usually start with 3x power, If you only want to take casual pictures of family and friends you will not need an all-singing-all-dancing model that will cost a small fortune. If you enjoy close up pictures then you need a model with an optical zoom. If you are serious about buying a digital camera then you should try to avoid purchasing one with only a digital zoom. Two other things to look out for are diopter adjustment for people with poorer vision and a tripod socket because both are very useful. I hope this information has helped you understand a few of the basic expressions and topics that will help you buy a digital camera.

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