Jul 21 2009

Pro Or Amateur Digital Cameras Are Good Choics

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At the pace technology advances, your chances of getting a good camera are pretty good (no matter how old it is). The basics of what makes a good camera good, haven’t really changed that much over the years. Good lenses, and good image quality with minimal noise and distortion in your pictures are the most important attributes.

The bad news is, that by the time many would be purchasers have waded through a plethora of techno-bable and marketing hype, they just give up and throw themselves at the mercy of the nearest salesperson. In some cases that works out great. But, you could just end up buying the camera with the best commission for John/Jane Doe Salesperson.

Image quality is probably THE most import consideration Take a few pictures (preferably before purchasing . . . see above) and see what they look like. Now don’t just look at the pictures on the cameras LCD screen. This canon digital camera battery and this what would be considerd a good pro digital camera should help.

Just don’t get too hooked on the marketing and technology speak. People use cameras today for the same reason they did 50 or 60 years ago. They wanted to take great pictures of memorable moments to treasure and admire.

The Canon Power Shot SD870 IS made a name for being a compact camera with a 4x digital zoom and 3.8x optical zoom. Digital photography takes on a new angle with the Canon camera that also serves as movie camera with sound. T

When all is said and done, and your enjoying all the great pictures you’ve taken over the years, the top digital camera is just the one that’s captured all your favorite memories.

Make sure you get a decent resolution LCD with any camera in this category. 230,000 pixels would be the minimum resolution I’d settle for here. You may want to check it outside in bright sunlight before you buy one as well. Some LCDs have a nasty habit of fading away till they’re practically useless outdoor.

Consumers have a preoccupation with small though. Ever since Captain Kirk said “beam me up Scott” and Dick Tracey started sporting his little video phone wrist watch, people have been fascinated with technology gone small. Digital photography continues to follow the trend, and I can’t help but tag along.


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