Feb 22 2009

Principles in Choosing a Portrait Photographer

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Though digital photography is cheap and available to all, there are times and occasions when everyone needs to pay to have a picture done right. One such time is to capture the portrait of someone or a group dear to you. Yes, it will cost more than taking a picture with your point and shoot and then asking a drug store to enlarge it for you. But it will be an investment in the future by recording a reminder of the past. How does one go about choosing a good portrait photographer? Here are eight principles that can help with this decision.

1) Location- Is the studio close enough to your home to be convenient? Remember that you will probably have to go there at least three times, to get the picture made, to make a choice, and to pick up the final product. Too, is it accessible or do you have to cross a heavy traffic area?

2) Facility- One family got up early on a Saturday morning to meet their appointment for a family portrait only to find the studio was too small to get everyone in the picture. Is the studio large enough to accommodate the group you want photographed?

3) Punctuality- Are they on time for the appointment you made with them? Have they allowed enough time to get the picture right? Are the promised results available when they promised? Check with others who have used their services to see if they are punctual.

4) Personality- Do the employees look sharp? Is the receptionist and/or photographer friendly? Do they treat you with respect? Are they personable? Are they patient with small children and babies? Are they willing to accommodate special needs people? Usually portrait time means the whole group has been under stress to get clean and dressed and there on time. That means smaller children may show it by refusing to smile. The photographer should be able, under most circumstances, to overcome these everyday occurrences.

5) Skill- The poorest part of home photography is usually lighting. Is their lighting professional? Is the photographer skilled at arranging the scene so key people are highlighted, the picture is balanced, and everyone can be seen clearly? A skilled photographer should know how to set the scene quickly so that the picture will be attractive.

6) Choice- A good photographer will take enough pictures so that you have ample choices from which to pick your favorites. How long do you have to wait before the proofs are available? Some companies will allow you to select your favorites while you are there. Are their recommendations motivated by money or what is best for you? Are they able to present the options without making you feel under pressure?

7) Integrity- Is the firm honest? If they promised you one free 8 X 10, will they keep that promise? Are the pictures ready when they said they would be? When you leave, would you say it was a good overall experience?

8) Price- Professional photography may seem expensive but remember that they must pay for quality cameras, staff, and facilities. But be sure their price is competitive. Call at least three establishments, describe what you want and ask the cost before deciding.

Speaking from experience, it can be stressful getting a good family portrait, especially if you have small children. By following these principles in selecting a photographer, you can turn it into a good experience and an investment in memories worth keeping.

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