Apr 27 2009

Popular Photography Methods Throughout History

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If you are just becoming acquainted with the ins and outs of photography and Model Posing, then no doubt you are starting to educate yourself about the history of photography. Indeed, photography is an art form that is always changing, so it might interest you to find that popular photography methods have changed just as much.

Popular Photography Method #1: Daguerreotypes

Daguerreotypes were the first kind of photography, having been developed in the 1830s by Louis Daguerre. Daguerreotypes were such a popular photography method that people would carry around small versions of them to remind them of loved ones.

Specifically, this popular photography form for Leg Posing was a piece of metal, coated with silver nitrates and exposed to light. However, it is important to note that while this was indeed a popular photography method, it was also a tedious one, because it took many hours for the photograph to fully develop, and the subject has to sit very still while the metal was being exposed.

Popular Photography Method #2: Wet Plate Photography.

The years went on, and photography started to use other means besides metal. In the 1860s, paper was introduced. The medium was the same, in that chemicals needed to be brushed on, except that instead on metal, the pictures were exposed on glass.

The glass negative had to be transferred to a paper positive. The result was wet plate photography, because the plate had to be washed with water to get the negative to work. This particular kind of popular photography was only popular until the turn of the century, when modern cameras came into being.

Popular Photography Methods of Today

The film camera still remains a popular form of photography of Female Model, though it has been overshadowed by digital photography in recent years. The reason for this is because that people would much rather prefer to have the pictures they take immediately ready for their disposal, instead of having to take it to a place that develops pictures. While a fun pastime, photography could also become tedious because of the developing time. Now, photography can just be fun!

For more information about popular photography forms, go to your local bookstore. Not only are there many books on photography, but there are also photography magazines that might give you ideas on how to get ready for your next photo session. Of course, you also have the option of searching the internet, since many photographers are looking to the internet for business. You are sure to find out fascinating information about the art form of photography with the proper research.

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