Dec 13 2008

Picking a Wedding Photography Package Which Fits Your Needs

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Finding an affordable wedding photography package isn’t easy. Every bride wants the best for her wedding, but the reality is that not every bride can afford the best. Many couples have limited budgets with which to work and all too often, they find themselves having to cut corners to avoid over-spending. The first aspect of a wedding that is slashed for costs is the professional wedding photographer.

The reason for this is that wedding photography prices are anything but standardized. Depending on the photographer you select, the format and style of photography and the length of the celebration, the base rate can fluctuate wildly. Added to this is the fact that there are almost limitless options in the wedding photography package. The more extras you add, the higher the price.

Many who are seeking budget wedding photography decide to spend their money on hiring a better photographer to do less work. Rather than selecting a lower priced photographer and ordering a huge photo package, they go with the photographer that they most trust and order a smaller package. Some couples even forgo the traditional wedding photography package altogether and simply buy the negatives or original digital images from the photographer. These couples then use their own technological savvy to create personalized albums and reprints that are meaningful to them.

Some professional wedding photographers maintain a traditionalist view. They feel that as the expert, the wedding photographer is the only one truly suited to put together the wedding album. This argument does have some merit. The photographer is the only one who knows what he or she was trying to convey in each shot. Additionally, the photographer works closely with trusted contacts at the developing lab and is able to judge when photos return with imperfections. He or she is familiar with color balance and stylistic concerns and is therefore quite adept at placing the photos within the album to create a pleasing whole.

The onset of digital photography and computer graphics programs has made it possible for individuals to create their own professional looking photos rather than pick from a wedding photography package. If you’re the type of couple that has a flair for crafts or graphics, you might be able to do your own retouching of your photos. For some couples, creating a wedding album is a fun project that they take into their own hands.

Many couples opt for the best of both worlds. These couples purchase a basic wedding photography package that includes a small album and a few reprints. They also purchase the original media and create a personalized album as well. They may do reprints and reorders themselves, or they may order these items from their photographer, depending on how much time and money they have. This way, the couple receives a classic wedding album to show their children and grandchildren, as well as the ability to personalize and scrapbook to their hearts’ content.

Whatever your feelings on wedding photography packages, you are certain to find a photographer who will meet your needs. The wedding photography market is changing rapidly and photographers are adapting to the times. Perhaps you want a traditional large wedding photography package that includes an album full of traditional posed photos. Maybe you want to purchase nothing but the photographer’s time and the raw media. Or perhaps you want something in between, a small photo package that also includes the original media. The choice is yours. It is your wedding and you deserve a photographer that will work with the choices that you make.

Planning a wedding can be a very daunting task. What with time constraints and budget concerns, some couples choose to leave a few of the of the more all important aspects out of their wedding altogether. One of those aspects should not be Photography. In this article, we will cover several fundamental issues on wedding photography that every couple ought to know when planning their grand day.

When I book a photographer how soon in advance should I do this?

Numerous photographers recommend reserving a photographer as soon as you get engaged, or at least until you know when the wedding date is. It is suggested that the engaged couple book at least 8-12 months in up front since some studios book wedding dates quickly. Weddings are more prominent from May to October while the weather is most favorable. If you choose to hold your wedding within this period, the photographer you select will in all probability ask for a non-returnable deposit or retainer fee to hold your wedding date. This ensures that you will have this studio or photographer on your desired date, as well as guaranteeing a contracted job for your photographer. The sooner you book your photographer, then it is more likely that you will be able to have a solid working relationship with your first choice.

When contracting a professional what are some of the advantages?

The essential benefit to employing a professional wedding photographer is the experience that they have. The majority of wedding photographers have extensive experience working with numerous various individuals and difficult personalities.  They have faced adverse weather conditions, and encountered numerous technical problems. Since they specialize in photography, they are well outfitted to handle various wedding sizes or photo demands. Unlike a friend or relative of the couple, a professional photographer’s primary goal is capturing candid moments on film. Recognizing they are counted on on delivering brilliant photos that will be cherished for numerous years to come, they are less apt to be carried away by facets of the ceremony. With an event that allows no second chances, hiring a professional is a good investment that will help keep your memories of your special day around for years.

Which one is better, digital or film?

It will all really depend on preferences of the photographer is. Digital is normally less pricey than that of film. Yet, film can be scanned at a resolution that is greater when large-scale prints are preferred, and it is ideal for subjects that are fast moving in nature because of shutter speeds that are faster on 35mm cameras. On the other hand, digital prints turn out the same as film, sometimes even better. With digital photography there are no negatives so there is negligeble downsides, and even less chance of misplaced or damaged film, or difficulties with photo finishing. Digital photos can be simpler to share with acquaintances or family through emails, and online galleries. In Additionally, digital images are not likely to fade in color or detail because they are typically put on on a CD or disk. Either way, if you actually enjoy a photographer’s work, picking out which format to use for the day of your wedding should not be a big problem.

What kind of photo styles do photographers usually use at weddings?

Photographers use two principal styles at weddings. The first one is traditional or portrait style, the formal poses of the bridal party, family, and friends of the couple. There are little to no candid photographs with this type of style. The other technique that is employed is style of phtojournalism. This is a more contemporary and modern. It is about snapping up photos of unprompted moments, as well as sincere emotion. These types are taken with very little direction from the photographer. There are two additional types of styles that are not as ordinarily used as Traditional and photojournalistic, and they are illustrative and creative photography. Illustrative photography is commonly arranged like a commercial photo shoot. The types of photos caught in this style are akin to those seen in magazines and even billboards. With creative photography, photographers have the ability and freedom, using assorted lighting and different angles, to make their own artistic version of your wedding day.

Can I keep my wedding picture negatives?


Legally, the right of first publications to photos taken on your wedding day are the property of the photographer when they are produced. It is illegal to re-create or procreate trademarked material without authorization from the proprietor of the right of first publication. Numerous photographers choose to keep the proofs or negatives since they want to defend their control of, and protect the photos that they have taken. This give the ability of photographers to charge extra if extra prints are requested. Yet numerous wedding photographers do not consider selling photographs, and are more than ready to hand over whatever negatives. Each photo studio will have assorted policies regarding who retains the rights to the negatives as well as the proofs. Some studios also like to hold negatives for individuals in the event that the original negatives have been damaged or lost.


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