Dec 21 2009

Photography Top Tips – How To Profit From Your Pleasure

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Photography has seen many changes over the years. Firstly, cost has decreased meaning many more people can afford to be serious about photography. Nowadays, all that is needed to begin a professional photography career is a good camera, computer (or laptop) and a photo editing package.

Digital photography is one of the many forms of photography that has gained a lot of popularity. There’s no difference from standard photography. The only difference is that digital photography, as it’s name suggests, uses digital technology. Before, photography required a negative and a developing process before an image is produced. On the other hand, digital images can be printed, stored, edited, archived and displayed using the computer without the need of any chemical processing.

Photography is a pleasure for many people. Anyone can handle a digital camera and take photos. For this very reason, a lot of people are trying their hand at the digital photography business. It’s a great way to enjoy yourself and earn extra income. So, how does one turn his form of pleasure into a profitable business? Following are some useful tips for starting in the business of photography

1.Be completely focused on what you do.
Before you can start a business, you first have to decide on what kind of photography service you would like to take on. Are you keener on wedding photography? Or perhaps taking pictures of babies or children is of more interest to you? There is always the option of opening your own studio. It is essential that you decide on what kind of business you would like to put up sooner. This way, you can focus on your efforts. If, for instance, you decide to take baby photography, then you should advertise on people who would like to get their babies photographed. Once you make a name for yourself and you start acquiring more customers, you can move on to another specialty. Word of mouth is your strongest weapon so you should take care of it.

2.    Get more training.
The art of photography should never be taken lightly. Getting more professional training never hurts. In fact, it is very useful on improving various areas that you feel need to be improved. Training also provides yo with confidence in what you are doing. While you build the business, take more courses and build your knowledge to allow the business to grow. Courses also add to your credibility and reputation.

3.Network both on and offline.
Networking is important if you want to make your business known among people. The best first step is through your friends and relatives. Tell them you are currently involved in the photography business. Put your business details on to a printed business card. You may even create your own website and provide a gallery where everyone can see your work. Remember to put your website details on your cards so people can look at your work. You may even opt to join networking and service clubs around your area. Try social networking sites such as Facebook as well. These websites create a lot of traffic and ads will be widely viewed.

4.    Practice makes perfect.
This is perhaps the most significant part of starting a business. Try anything that will help you hone your skills in photography, even if it means giving services for free temporarily. For example. take a friends wedding photos for cost price. This voluntary work will be appreciated by your friends and they might start hiring you for other events. As well as this, you can add any pictures taken to you portfolio and then use this to sell to future clients. As word of mouth spreads and you become more in demand, you can increase your. This additional money may be used to upgrade your tools and equipment. You may also have more ads.

5.Create a portfolio of your own.
A portfolio is the photographer’s resume. It is important if you want to impress your prospective clients. Place all of your best photos together in a binder. Your clients can use your portfolio as a reference. If they like your shots, there is a great possibility that they will hire you.

6.    Use local settings to your advantage.
The setting can greatly improve the shots. If you live near a beach, take as many photographs as possible. A gazebo may come in handy for events such as graduations or weddings. Wild animals or just friends can be a good start for taking pictures in a forest setting.

7.    Do not hesitate to invest money.
The equipment needed for the business may be a bit heavy on the pockets, but you will find that they are all worth it in the end. You need not buy all the necessary equipment all at once. Start off with a camera and a laptop or computer to edit the pictures with. As soon as you start earning money, you can now buy the other things to help improve your business. Once you have regular customers, you will start every penny you spent and more.

8.    Offer discounts and promos in exchange for referrals.
Discounts and promos are very attractive to a customer’s eye. People love to make savings regularly. By giving these kind of discounts, you will get customer referrals in return. This is a fair compromise between you and your customers.

9.Have a good software package.
The ease of use in taking and editing an image is one advantage to digital cameras. Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Corel Paint Shop Pro X are some of the best photo editing applications that are used in digital photography.

10.    Get a license for your photography business.
If starting a photography business be sure to check any required license’ and keep on the right side of the law in your area. Also, some customers are very particular about licenses. This gives an assurance they wont be scammed. You would not need a license, however, if you are only venturing out for assignments.

You may find these tips helpful if looking to further your skills in digital photography. So what are you waiting for? Start your own photography business today!

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