Aug 16 2009

Photography Studio Lighting

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Types Of Photography Lighting

Whether capturing photos of products or shooting portraits or other images. Achieving great photos of publishable quality, does require some photographic ability whether natural or learned. Photographers often utilize photography equipment such as muslin backdrops and photo lighting kits or lighting stands to highlight the subject. Often times a back light or fill light will be employed as well to eliminate any shadowing affects in the background of the images.

Pro photographers will often choose flash studio lighting for there photo production, particularly when shooting portraiture or modeling shots. The use of flash or strobe lighting requires the synchronized timing of the camera’s shutter to work in unison with the flash to be able to capture high quality photo’s at the perfect time.

Though for some photography enthusiasts, they can also choose to utilize a different type of photo lighting equipment such as continuous lighting. This type of lighting can be found in either Halogen or Fluorescent photo lighting equipment. Referred to as “hot lights” they are much easier to use than flash lighting because no synchronization is required. Photographers can move the light stands where they need them and turn on the power and begin shooting immediately.

Halogen lighting actually burns brighter and produces a considerable amount of heat because of that. If you use this type of continuous lighting, the heat in your home or studio will not only rise but your electric bill will rise as well. Fluorescent lighting stands in comparison are cool to the touch and need only a fraction of the electricity to operate. With saying that, these bulbs don’t burn as brightly as halogen bulbs do. To counter that, photographers who want to use fluorescent for it’s coolness and energy efficiency simply choose a higher wattage lighting kit to overcome any luminosity differences in output.

The various choices for photographers with the availability of modern photography studio lighting equipment have been greatly improved in both quality and options. Digital photo lighting kits in both fluorescent and halogen types for instance are available to keep pace with the growing world of digital photography.

Photography equipment is designed to enable photographers , regardless of whether they are a professional or a beginner to be able to elevate the quality of their photographic images on a consistent basis. Raising both their photos and the very craft of photography to a higher level.



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