Jun 24 2009

Photography Lighting And Accessories

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Photo Lighting

In photography, the skill of the photographer along with an understanding of angles and utilizing available lighting sources.

For newer or intermediate photographer’s to be able to produce better photo’s, particularly indoor photo’s can depend on what type of photography studio equipment they choose to use.Things like studio lighting that might be needed and it's type, be it continuous lighting or flash.  Along with other equipment to consider, such as a background or backdrop for instance if they wanted to produce portraits or product shots.


For portraits many photographer’s, in particular professional photographer’s at pro studio’s use either a strobe flash light fastened onto a light stand along with an umbrella or a soft box to diffuse the lighting and possibly a separate backlight to eliminate shadowing.  Or they will choose to go with a full photo studio equipment package with multiple strobe lights and a backdrop.When using flash lighting, the results produced can be amazing. If using flash though, this requires the photographer to sync their camera in time with the flash so the shots are captured with perfect timing.


Beginning photographer’s sometimes find it much easier to go with continuous lighting instead initially because it gives them the light that they need without having to sync their camera with a flash light or flash lighting kit to get the desired result.  The most well known types of photography equipment for continuous lighting are halogen, sometimes referred to as tungsten lighting and fluorescent lighting. 


Fluorescent lighting is considered by many to be the best available continuous lighting source that you can use for still photography or video production.  One of the features of fluorescent lighting is the coolness that they operate with.Fluorescent photo lighting or video units are both economical and can produce the simulation of daylight while producing nearly no heat. 


Halogen or tungsten lighting can produce great results as well, however if you are in a smaller studio or in a room in your home, the heat generated by these halogen lights will certainly warm up the scene literally without proper ventilation.Regardless of types of accessories or lighting that photographers might decide on.  The marked improvement of photo quality that can be produced with additional photography equipment can change what might be an ordinary photograph into a professional quality photo


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