Nov 27 2008

Photography Hints For Novices No Body Will Have Talked To You About

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Contrary to what many will have you believe learning beginners tips and tricks in photography just isn’t that hard. There are of course differences between the old film cameras and the new Digital cameras which you will need to be aware of.

Taking advantage of the differences with the innovative digital format is truly going to aid you, you can learn these basics with my basic digital photography guide located at my website for free. The truth is this stuff really isn’t rocket science.

Never be limited again

With the digital format we are now hardly limited at all when it comes to the number of photos we can take. Never again will you have to pay for a whole load of prints that you didn’t even want.

It is a good idea though to make sure you keep your photo collection tidy by removing or editing those photos that just don’t quite cut it or are too much the same. This is because you do not want to have to go through loads and loads of useless images to find your good ones later.

Ways to best go about storing your digital photos

One great way to save on space is to save your images in a lower resolution format. Your high-resolution photos will take up more storage space than the lower resolution one. Generally you will probably only need a really high end resolution with your photographs when intending to print them out in a very large size, say like a poster for instance. If in your basic photography you are only going to use the photographs on the web and or on a laptop, you can utilise a smaller resolution option.

You will be able to also increase the compression the camera uses for your images. If your camera can do this the feature could be used to save space on your camera’s memory card and so give you access to a large number of photos on the same card.

You should increase your storage space because eventually, you will run out. There’s nothing worse than running out of space just when you were about to take one of your best shots.

The dreaded battery issue

Your camera’s batteries are so important for using your digital camera.

If you are running low on battery power, avoiding overuse of your LCD digital display should help significantly to lengthen your cameras usage time. Not using Flash will also help a lot. If your camera doesn’t use its own special power pack, make sure you are at least using good rechargeable batteries and that you have several charged replacement sets of batteries ready with you at all times. All amateurs, no matter what their level of experience, can enjoy digital photography for beginners. Soon you’ll leave behind the times when you were trying to learn beginners digital photography and you will be taking photographs you are genuinely proud of, if you have not at the moment.

you will learn that it is easy to go from digital photography for beginners to the next level of photography, as you get more comfortable with your digital camera.

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