Oct 15 2008

Photography For Freelance Writers

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Wanting to be a freelance writer means that sooner or later you will have to travel. The lucky ones get their expenses paid up-front, but most have to get their expenses reimbursed from the client.

As a freelance writer you will get paid a lot more if you include original photographs from your travel assignment. Be sure that your client is willing to pay extra for any photographs attached to your assignment, you don’t want to go to the added expense and risk of carrying an expensive and heavy camera with you if you aren’t going to be paid for the photos.

Adding photographs to your articles adds value, and therefore you should get paid accordingly. Both you and your client will want to be sure that your agreement is in writing and covers all of the contingencies.

A handshake deal will always cause you problems, either you or your client will remember something differently. Trust is a good thing, so trust in your contract or written agreement, not in yours or your clients memory or honesty.

If you have agreed to be reimbursed for your travel expenses you must be absolutely sure that you are giving your client what he wants. It is no good going to Spain and writing and taking photographs of the most wonderful things that Spain has to offer if your client wants an article on Portugal.

You will need to know how many photos he is willing to pay for. What photos he wants, and what the subjects are to be. How much per photo are you going to get paid, and who holds the copyright.

Some editors will want the copyright of any of the photos that you take. If you can avoid it never sell your copyright, let alone give it away. As a newcomer you will feel under pressure to hand over your copyright to your employer, don’t. A professional will never give away his rights and will only sell them for a large fee.

To the uninitiated it may seem a waste of time and effort to take so many pics of the same subject. But it is better to have too many photos than to have the few that you take turn out to be useless and amateurish. Take lots of photos then you won’t have to go back to your location to re-shoot if something goes astray.

Use a digital camera. With a digital camera you can take as many photographs as you like, you can select the perfect picture when you get home, at your leisure, and discard the rest if you like. But why discard them when you can store them on a disc and keep them for the future.

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