Nov 26 2009

Perfect Portrait Lens

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When it comes to taking pictures you will come across different names such as full length pictures, portrait pictures ect. What will determine the quality of your portrait is the kind of lens that you choose to use. In the following paragraphs I will mention a few things to think about when taking a portrait photo.

In choosing a lens for a portrait you must take into account the prevailing conditions of the environment that you want to take the photo in. Light, wind etc. You need think about the focal length. Why this is a consideration is because it is dependant upon the film size. From personal observation I have noticed that a portrait with 35mm film camera is best taken with a 105m lens and an 80mm requires a 160mm lens. You can see then how the size of the film has an effect on the lens that you choose and the eventual picture that you take.

if you ever found that these adjustments in forcal len are complicated, you can always consult with the professional. It is one of those things that is better explained in a practical set up than a theoretical one like this one.

the size of the lens does not affect the view of the picture instead it depends on how far you are from the subject. What I am saying is the view of a picture will remain the same even if you change the size of the lens. The number of objects that appear in the picture is what will change. Of course assuming everything else remains constant and only the focal length changes.

Like I said before to fully appreciate the effect a lens has on a portrait picture would be best understood in a practical set up by experimenting with different size lens until you have grasped the concept well.Check out any of the following for good DSlR cameras and lenses that you can use:

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