Jun 09 2009

Pentax Optio E70 Digital Compact Camera Review

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Digital Camera Reviews - The Pentax Optio E70 Digital Compact Camera. This top of the range 10 mega pixel digital camera comes with an easy to use interface as well as big size buttons. Now this really is a neat feature - The 'Green' shooting mode actually lets the camera take complete control over the key shooting settings.

Despite the fact that the digital camera is packed with simplicity, it is also full of features like Super-Fast Face Detection, 7 shooting modes and the triple anti-shake protection.

This compact camera is run on normal AA alkaline batteries, although you will be better off with rechargeable batteries if you use your digital camera on a regular basis. Adding to that the digital compact camera comes with a nice flush face without anything protruding from the lens, turning this into such a neat and compact camera.

The Optio E70 digital compact camera includes key elements ideal for digital photographers, such as more visible icons in the LCD monitor, as well as the simple manner required to set the modes and functions needed and the operational status can be viewed at a glance. The Optio E70 digital compact camera owes to success to its sheer simplicity, but at the same time so complete, and is a revolution in newbie digital cameras and set to be the leading beginners compact digital camera.

What really separates this compact digital camera from the rest for newbie users is the Pixel Track SR mode, which is used for snapping still images. This helps to compensates for shaky blurred type digital photos due to the processing of these images with the aid of some new Pentax exclusive software.

Still images for poor lighting conditions are aided by the digital camera, due to a high-Sensitivity SR mode, allowing the camera to automatically raise the sensitivity mode to an incredible ISO 6400, and setting a quicker shutter speed setting.

The image quality is of the highest standard due to the 10 amazing mega pixels included in the Optio E70 digital compact camera, which really has converted it into today's leading compact camera regards image quality. In addition you will find the new imaging engine has an immense processing capacity, as well as an incredibly high-performance Pentax lens, guaranteeing perfect quality digital photos with excellent sharpness.

The Optio E70 digital compact camera has started it's short life with a lot of good press and I see thumbs up all over digital photography websites.

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