Aug 01 2009

Pentax K-7 Price and Overview

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The Pentax brand name brings to mind fond memories for enthusiasts and semi-pro photographers who started with a KM, K1000, ME Super, or Spotmatic. Pentax’s position is not as entrenched as it was during the popularity of 35mm film. But it continues to draw a loyal following of photography enthusiasts.

Now, we have the Pentax K-7, the company’s newest enthusiast/semi-pro level DSLR. This good-looking camera replaces the K20D’s somewhat plump utilitarianism by a sleek and pared-down elegance. Pentax K-7 price: $1,299.95.

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A lot of photographers, I bet, will include this latest baby from Pentax in their wish list. Here are some of the Pentax K-7 highlights: smaller steel/magnesium alloy body, 720p/1080i HD video recording, 3-inch VGA LCD monitor (920,000 dot), and upgraded sensor with 4-channel readout.

The camera also has a revised viewfinder (greater coverage but less magnified) and a new shutter mechanism with 1/8000th shutter speed. The Pentax K-7 also sports speedier continuous shooting (up to 5.2 frames per second) and AF illumination lamp. It also features new dust removal system and a 77 segment exposure metering sensor.

These are just the bigger features; their implications are almost as important as the evident effects of these changes. This DSLR camera now has faster videos and frame rates. As well, the reworked, 4-channel sensor generates less noise compared to the version employed in the Pentax K20D.

What is more, there are also many more restrained additions and upgrades that show just how basic a change the Pentax K-7 is from its ancestors. This camera has a new and improved ISO button, chromatic and distortion aberration correction for DA and DFA (which is also found in RAW conversion), and 3-shot built-in HDR capture. It is a good idea to buy Pentax K-7.

It also has a shadow correction that you can fiddle with as well as a dynamic range highlight. About composition adjustment, the camera uses the SR system to change the sensor position and to adjust the composition. However you look at this baby, it is a well-specified DSLR.

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