Nov 24 2009

Online Photography Workshops

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It looks as though there are several million moms running around taking pictures of their kids for their scrapbooks.Scrapbooking get togethers have replaced the old school quilting b’s.  Fortunately scrapbookers have become much more hip.

There are lots and lots of scrapbooking supplies to choose from to make your scrapbooks stand out.The problem is they’re available to everyone and therefore, not very unique.

Your photography is really the only unique thing you can bring to your scrapbook.  How comfortable are you with your photography skills?How well do understand just the basic principles of light and photography?  How well do you know your camera’s capabilities and are you getting all you can out of it? 

Would you enjoy having a bit more confidence when you’re holding your camera?Most everyone would like to know how to take better photos.Every mom wants to be able to make better photographs of their child.

Most photo magazines will occasionally touch on various aspects of shooting children, but none of them focus on it exclusively.Where do you get all the information you need to be able to take better photographs of your little munchkin?

Have you considered an online photography workshop?  There are several out there that do a pretty good job.  You need to find one that shares your voice.Choose a workshop being taught by someone whose work and vision you admire.

Make sure that the instructor’s images are inspirational and point you in the photographic direction you are aiming for.Photography is always subjective.Be sure that you like their work.  If you don’t, keep looking.

What are some of the benefits of taking an online photography workshop?

One of the biggest is that it will allow you to work somewhat at your own pace and at the time of day that is easiest with your schedule and not the instructor’s.It’s very important that the workshop offers personalized feedback from the instructor.  This is invaluable.

As you consistently apply the techniques you learn, the improvement in the overall quality of your images will become obvious.  It’s extremely rewarding to be able to take great shots of your kids that really stand out and hold up under scrutiny.

Photography has more to do with self discovery than most people realize.  Even though you’re taking the photo workshop to learn how to take better photographs of your kids, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself than you expected.It’s a fun ride and ultimately worth any effort you make to become a better photographer.

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