Jul 20 2009

Nikon D90 vs Canon T1i

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If you are looking for a new DSLR with video, and you cannot decide between the Canon T1i (500D) and Nikon D90, then you may find this spec-comparison article helpful. Here are some of the main differences between the Nikon D90 and the Canon T1i:

ISO boost capability

The Canon T1i has higher ISO boost compared to the Nikon D90. But there is a catch: Sure, the Canon T1i’s 12,800 appears good from the marketers’ point of view, but actually it produces poor results.

The Canon T1i has better resolution sensor

The Canon T1i has a 15.1MP sensor, whereas the Nikon D90 has a 12.3MP sensor. However, there are many disadvantages associated with higher resolution sensors. It can be very costly as you need to buy a high-end quality lens in order to back its high resolution capability.

The Canon T1i is better in recording HD videos

The Canon T1i has better HD video recording capabilities than the Nikon D90’s D-Movie mode. Canon designed its latest camera to support HD movie recording. The camera offers the option of 720p HD video shooting at 30 frames per second, with up to 18 minutes of recording time.

The Nikon D90 is much faster and quieter

The Nikon D90 allows you to shoot decisive more easily than the Canon T1i. It has a 4.5 fps continuous shooting rate (compared to the Canon T1i’s 3.4 fps). In addition, it also has a quieter shutter mechanism, so there is less noise when you take photos using the Nikon D90.

Kit lens

The Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55mm VR zoom provides excellent performance and grat image quality. On the other hand, the Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS zoom tends to be more subject to lens flare. Also, the Canon T1i kit lens does not appear sharp from corner to corner.




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