Jul 08 2009

Nikon D90 Review

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The newest Nikon D90 is a great camera. You will agree with me when I say it is the smartest DX format DSLR available today. Read the Nikon D90 review below.

This camera is loaded with features, inheriting some from the D80 and D300. The D300 and D80 are great, but I will choose the D90 anytime.

And here is the deal breaker: the D90 is way cheaper than the D3, D80, and D300. This is what is good about the digital camera market: The newest product are often better than their predecessors, for much less cost.

If you are contemplating to get a Nikon D300, I suggest you buy the D90 instead. I bought my Nikon D90 two months ago, and it has yet to disappoint me. And I do not think it will ever let me down.

The Nikon D90 offers improved photo quality than the D80 and D300, with many features packed in a lightweight plastic package. When we talk about ease of use and simplicity, the D90 will not let you down. Its simplicity enables you to capture the most excellent photos.

It is not surprising why Nikon’s newest camera delivers and exceeds a lot of expectations. For one the D90 sports over 60 years of continuous innovation. This is the reason for the camera’s more intelligent features.

Some highlights of the D90 are the following: continuous shooting (4.5 fps), 12.3 MP DX-format CMOS imaging sensor, and the world’s first HD movie mode. This camera also sports a 3-inch high-density LCD monitor as well as low-noise ISO sensitivity.

The Nikon D90 also features built-in image sensor cleaning and one-button Live View. The camera features durable and high-precision shutter, inclusive exposure control, and in-camera Image Editing.

There is no denying that the D90 is a very extraordinary DSLR. In general, camera reviewers online give the D90 a highly recommended rating.

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