Jun 29 2009

Nikon D90 Camera

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The Nikon D90 camera looks so much like the Nikon D80. When I got my D90 at last, I had to check the badge twice just to ensure I got the right DSLR.

Since the D90 looks so alike its predecessor, the camera appears as if it is only one of those cameras with subdued incremental upgrades. You are wrong. Just take a closer look and you will find that the D90 sports many cool features to keep you more than satisfied.


The D90 viewfinder, like the Nikon D80 viewfinder, sports an AF system (11-point) in a diamond arrangement. Still goes by the name of Multi-Cam 1000, like on the D80, the D90’s AF engine has been improved to include three-dimensional focus tracking. It also has the advantage of Face Detection that will bias AF points to go in favor of eyes over noses as well as other objects present in a scene.

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Live view features

Using other Nikon DSLRs, you need to turn the Drive Mode face to Lv, then you must depress the shutter button to lock the mirror. This is hardly intuitive, but the D90 has a Live view button on its back, right of the LCD. Your thumb can easily reach this.

Scene recognition feature

Nikon has been working on scene recognition for years, and they are reaping the fruit of their labor. Their latest models have seen improvements to the system. The Nikon D90 comes with this feature.

In general

Owners of the nice D80 will definitely drool over the D90. Building on the strength of its ancestor, the D90 has a lot going for it.

Building on the might of the D80, the D90 has many exciting things going for it. This newest camera from Nikon has upgraded many specs and offers cool and new features over the Nikon D80.

In general, the D90 is a great DSLR offering. I highly recommend it.

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