Jul 02 2009

Nikon D90 Accessories

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The Nikon D90 is an outstanding middle-range DSLR camera. Here are the basic Nikon D90 accessories you may need for your camera:

One of the best lenses for Nikon is the Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens. Get the Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G AF-S if you prefer high end lenses. For wide angle lens, the Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X Pro DX (IF) is a great buy.

For the flash, get the compact Speedlight SB-600, which features great functionality. The LCD is easy to view and has six buttons that make the external flash’s operation simpler. These buttons are backlit and are simple to understand.

For the filters, go for circular polarizers, which add flavor to the images. These filters cut the polarized light that hits on the lenses. They can also remove unnecessary reflections from non-metallic surfaces like water or glass.

One of the most essential Nikon D90 accessories is the Nikon EN-EL3e Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery. You can ensure the best rechargeable battery life; use the usual complete charge of the battery prior to recharging it. A freshly charged extra battery allows this, offering continuous photography.

What SDHC/SD memory card should you get for the D90 camera? Lexar, San Disk, and Kingston are good brands to buy. It is best to buy two 8G memory cards, which you will need when shooting HD videos.

The CF-D80 Semi-Soft Case by Nikon is a very nice bag for the Nikon D90. This bag appears and feels like soft, real glove leather, for a very reasonable price. You may also want to buy the attractive Lowepro Slingshot 200 All Weather Backpack in case you want a backpack, but go for the Lowepro Rezo 170AW in case you need a shoulder bag.

For sturdy tripods, buy the Manfrotto 322RC2 or the Manfrotto 190XPROB 3 Section Aluminum Pro Tripod. These tripods are getting raves from consumers at Amazon. They suit your Nikon D90.

The Wireless Remote Control ML-L3 works best for your Nikon D90. What is great about this sleek remote control is that you can directly trigger the shutter without disturbing your camera. This remote control is perfect for difficult to approach subjects or for minimizing the vibrations.

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