Feb 27 2009

Nikon D70 Digital Camera Body – Discussing It’s Features And Advantages

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Nikon D70 digital

If you have reached the point where you are ready to begin adding custom lenses and accessories to your photographic armory, then you’ll need a digital camera body that is ready to work as hard as you do. The Nikon D70 is an ideal choice. It is affordable and is compatible with a number of different types and styles of lenses. The software is easy to use and the in-camera editing features let you decide which pictures stay and which ones go while you are in the middle of a shoot.

The Nikon D70 digital SLR camera is one of the most popular digital camera body types because the accessories you can add really increases the usability of the camera. You can custom-build and supply your own small arsenal of lenses and other accessories by purchasing compatible products online and matching them up with your camera to give it more flexibility than complete packages. If you don’t know too much about digital cameras, you should buy a full set first.

If you’re interested in the D70 digital SLR from Nikon, be prepared to spend around $900 for the body of the camera. After that, you can expect to spend quite a bit more money to add the lens you want, as well as any other accessories to go with it such as a camera bag or memory stick. The expensive price of the body might seem costly to some that are used to inferior products, but the Nikon D70 digital camera body is a steal if you’re into digital photography and have a passion for it.

Some of the technical features of this camera include:
* 6.1 million effective pixels
* USB mass storage
* Built-in Speedlight flash
* Rapid shutter speed
* Several auto shooting modes, including landscape and close-up
* Built-in lighting system and a 3D Color Matrix meter

If the D70 digital camera body is a lot less expensive than some of the other products that your local dealer may be trying to sell you, make sure you talk to some other photographers. You’ll quickly find that the value of the D70 is real. You will get high-quality performance for a lower price than other manufacturers are willing to give. If you want to create professional-looking photographs with a great camera, you must consider the Nikon D70.

Visit http://nikonimaging.com to see just how versatile the D70 digital camera body is. Don’t be duped into buying something that is more expensive than you need by a dealer working on commission. Talk to other pros and ask them what they are using. You won’t have to ask very many before you come to the conclusion that the D70 is the only choice that makes sense for any photographer who wants a durable yet user-friendly digital camera body.

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