Aug 09 2009

Nikon D3x Review – Features and Benefits of Nikon D3x For Your Photoshoot Requirements

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For the lensman who wants to have complete control over every nook and cranny in his or her camera, the Nikon D3x is definitely the top choice. A close Nikon D3x review shows better features over previous D3 digital SLR, which received positive feedbacks for its ergonomic design and superior portability.  Bear in mind however that this is no lightweight, the body alone weighing in at 43 ounces (1.2 kg).

The biggest change is noticeable in the sheer number of megapixels, imagine a mind numbing 24.5! Boasting Nikon’s new technology, FX-format CMOS sensor, this camera increases the sensing area to 35.9 x 24.0mm. That equates to its full resolution, as commented on by Trey Ratcliff in his Nikon D3x review, in his much visited travel blog, Although he acknowledges that this feature alone increases the sticker value considerably and may not be generally suited for small photos, this is a must for his requirements, since he wants every shot to be the best. He also comments that the resolution on the Nikon D3x makes it perfect for giant screens, even in very close range.

Another attraction on this model is the ability to shoot up to 5 frames per second at the highest resolution, and up to 7 frames per second in a lower resolution, the DX format in 10.5 megapixels. This aspect makes it perfect for outdoor activities and travel photographers, when recording each moment makes the difference between a magnificent shot and a poor one. Granted, it is not the fastest on the market, but the camera specs offer high ISO, starting at ISO 100 up to ISO 1600. If that is still not sufficient, there are alternatives to adjust the sensitivity range appropriate to your situation. There are a lot more you can do to adjust the settings two stops higher or one stop lower, which further extends the ways shots can be taken, achieving a high of up to ISO 6400 or a low to ISO 50 once more making this an outstanding choice for photographers who like to manipulate and predict exactly the outcome of every shot.

Some other advantages are the two CF cards slots and the ability of the battery to operate up to 4,400 images per charge. The monitor offers crystal clear viewing with a vibrant three inch super density 920,000 LCD screen. Does Nikon D3x camera have any drawbacks? Trey Ratcliff, remarked earlier, complains of the one step at a time programming step progression, whereas he would like to be able to program steps by twos. Notwithstanding, those details aside, he declares that this camera is his favorite and exlusively uses it, because he wants a companion that is extremely reliable, that taking second chances when in remote locations is not possible. Certainly it shows in his pictures the absolute capabilities of this camera.

The only other drawback for some may be the price. With price starting from roughly 8 thousand dollars, not including any accessories or zooms, the reviewed Nikon D3x camera is definitely for professionals or those who only want the best. And at most times, the best is the only choice for those at the top.

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