Jul 21 2009

My Own Personal Digital Camera Opinions

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When looking for the best digital SLR camera you can find, the important word to remember is “YOU”. Ask a dozen camera enthusiasts why they their favourite camera is their favourite, and you likely get a dozen answers.

It’s a pretty trippy clip as the light streams through the semi-translucent tube and the riders pitch to and fro. Definitely a fun camera. Some slight sacrifice in image quality are completely outweighed by the fun factor under these circumstances.This best pick cameras and this best personal slr cameras should help.

Does anyone really believe that the best priced digital camera, is the best value for their money? Or are people just a little suspicious when the price seems to be too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be that way.

While it’s easy, to find out how great a camera may be, you really need to focus on the negatives as well. Instead of using the camera with the most glowing reviews as a guide, why not focus on the camera with the least negative reviews. You need to consider both sides of the coin, as any honest digital camera guide will explain.

FYI, ignore megapixel settings, as they’re really a non issues these days. Unless your comparing cell phone cameras, in which case the more the better.

A final note about special features would be prudent here. Plan on doing any underwater shooting? Does the camera have an optional underwater housing available? Got shaking hands? Maybe image stabilization would be a good option for you. Some cameras even do red eye reduction editing right on the camera, before you download your pictures. All these come at a price, so carefully consider whether the features are worth it to you. Knowing specifically what your looking for can only hedge your bet in getting the best digital camera for you.

Technical specifications for digital cameras are easy to find, but need to be understood to be relevant. If you don’t know what white balance, f-stop, ISO, or image sensor size mean, then their specifications are useless.

My first choice for best Canon digital camera, is the Canon Powershot A720 IS. If all your interested in is a simple point and shoot camera that’s easy to use by anyone, then congratulations, you’ve found it.


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