Feb 15 2009

My Ebay Canon Camera Purchase Blooper

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Ebay is a fantastic auction site. Quite often there are some pretty great deals. With that said, just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean it’s a better buy. One of the first things I look at is the sellers reputation. Sometimes you can take a chance and buy items from sellers with less than 100% positive ratings, but you need to use caution when you decide to take that chance.

The following story is true, I know it happened to me. It is an excellent example of what “not” to do. A digital camera is a wonderful instrument for photography. But there are many components to a digital camera that you must understand before you decide to buy a used digital camera on Ebay. If you are purchasing a brand new camera from a reputable seller, it should include a guarantee. In this case, it would be a wise decision to pay the extra dollar or two to get it insured.

If you are thinking of buying a digital camera or any camera for that matter, perhaps reading what happened to us will help you avoid the same mistakes we made.

My husband decided to buy an Ebay canon camera. He found one up for bid that included two extra lenses, a small tripod, and a really nice bag to carry all the items in. We found this camera to be in very bad shape. 1. One of the apertures in the lenses will not close, 2. One of the lenses will not screw into the camera properly. 3. The tripod legs will not stay down due to the plastic tighteners being warn out. 3. Not a single zipper of the 5 different zipper compartments of the bad work. So, no zipping up any of the pockets.

In addition to this I have excellent feedback. It is at 100%. I don’t want to lose my perfect feedback rating. So, the last problem with this purchase is that the seller has blackmailed us with the following statement sent to us via a note inside the camera bag:

“We will happily leave you with a 5 star feedback rating once you have left us with a 5 start feedback rating.”

In other words, “If you leave us bad feedback, we’ll do the same.”

Where did we go wrong? Here are some suggestion on how to avoid our costly mistake:

Sneaky Tactic Number 1. “We don’t know anything about these cameras… we didn’t test it…” etc… This is a really good clue that the seller knows something is wrong with the camera but wants to pass the problem on to you. Since they are forewarning you it “may” not work, you can’t say they didn’t warn you. Avoid this seller.

Sneaky Tactic Number Two: Look at the picture and if you have questions, ask us. Well, this is another good way of letting you know that they don’t want to point out all the flaws, they want you to figure it out. Bad idea – buyer steer clear.

3. If you are buying a digital camera from Ebay, ask lots of questions. There is no excuse to not testing a camera before selling it. Even if it is not digital a roll of film is under $5.00 and you do not have to pay for pictures that do not come out right. If it’s digital, make sure you ask about each feature. Do the features of each lens work, do the settings of the camera work correctly. Are there any problems that the seller has not mentioned in the description.

And lastly… Number Four – There is no excuse not to test an item like a camera, especially if it’s a digital camera. I know… this seems obvious but sometimes the excitement of something really cool or new and of course CHEAP, can really cloud your better judgement. Avoid a seller that doesn’t want to take the time to test the item first. Most likely they did test it and it failed the test.

My husband was so excited about getting this deal, and I was too busy to look it over, that we ended up buying something we’ll never use. It cost us $100.00 and the repair shop told us it would cost us $150.00 or more to repair the damages. It is a lessoned learned for both of us. You can avoid a bad Ebay Digital Cameras experience, if you follow some good guidelines and suggestions like those I have included in this article.

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