Apr 10 2009

Money from Digital Photos for Freelancers

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Technological advances made tremendous progress in the last couple of years and camera prices went a lot lower, so now the average person can buy a professional photo camera. On the other hand, internet resources that became huge and gave so many companies the possibility of opening web sites and multimedia online technologies, lead to the increased demand for digital images that need to be edited and included in web graphics. This image request for the web is characterized by the fact that the dimensions and density demands are smaller that for images used in advertising printed graphics.

Because they can supply quality items even with their personal digital photography device, more and more people are considering selling good images on the net. For a price, people can buy various images on specific websites, and this is a real opportunity for image possessors. On some websites you can limit the access to your photos, and only allow users that pay a monthly membership to view them. When you start, it’s recommended to try first the websites that do not ask for a monthly membership.

Digital photography images must meet some standards, witch will determine whether you’ll get them accepted into a stoking website or not. Depending on specific website requirements, you can decide witch photos are accurate. Some even ask for subject approval in case you take pictures of humans. What you can charge is usually dictated by the lowest priced charged by others on the respective website. Starting somewhere around $1, your image price will grow along with the number of sales it registers. Sites do offer the copyrights selling options, and in this case each image is sold only once, to only one person, witch will remain the only owner of that image.

Don’t rest assured that you will make a fortune from this, remember that you need to know how to take good pictures. Digital cameras that will be used need to have a big optical zoom, as many mega pixels as possible, and the ability to return quality images that will be accepted by the respective websites. When looking at the perfect photographic scene, remember to take multiple photos, from different angels, this way you can attract more customers. photo printing services

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