Nov 26 2009

Maternity Photo

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Maternity is a unique experience in life that is filled with many emotions like joy, fear, anticipation and anxiety. A good maternity photo can preserve these beautiful memories of this special phase of your life. Maternity photo should be memorable and artistic piece of art that is able to depict your joys and emotions. They should be able to express your inner feeling and bottomless love of a mother.

You need to do some preparations prior to starting the photo shoot. Go with the photographer with whom you feel comfortable. Best way to ensure this is to talk to the mothers who had got the maternity photo shoot done and their feedback about the photographer.

During maternity photo shoot, the photographer tries to capture the beauty of formation of a new life as it means a lot to the parents. With changes in the body, women are usually not sure what to wear to get that perfect look and feel. The key is to keep it simple and subtle so that your are able to give the best pose. There is no need to spend a fortune on new maternity outfits. A good maternity photo shoot idea is to wear your hubby’s shirt with buttons open. You can also wear white or black lingerie. It is a good idea to choose the fabric that is thin so that the body contours are highlighted well.

Outcome of the great maternity photographs depends largely on the mom who is posing but also on the artistic eye of the photographer. The best images need to be chosen and then they go through a detailed process of editing. Initially, hundreds of photographs are clicked but the selected few are custom cropped to give the flawless presentation. Maternity Photography is an art that requires detailed and fine understanding of tones, enhancement and color composition.

Most of the photographers engaging in maternity photography choose digital photography as it gives an exceptional image quality and there is endless flexibility in terms of creativity. There are all kind of professional equipments available and latest editing techniques enable photographers to make maternity photographs absolutely unique and of finest quality.

Many women like to see some maternity portraits to get the idea what will suit them the best. There are numerous maternity photo shoot ideas such as nude, semi nude, with partner, with your other kids, indoors, outdoors, color scheme, paper, ink etc. Many women opt for black and white portraits as it gives a strong contrast. Make sure you pose in a way that shows your best side. It is a good idea to give the side view which shows the fullness of your belly.

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