Aug 24 2010

Maintaining & Caring For Your Photo Canvas Prints

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These days, canvas prints are becoming the more popular way to make your favorite and memorable photos last. Indeed, having your photos printed on canvas are more durable and lasting instead of just printing them on photo paper and placing them in an album or framing them. And though it may perhaps be quite a while before the usual symptoms of deterioration will show on your canvas prints, the primary factor to making these durable photo prints last longer lies in its sufficient care and storage. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow in order to make your photos printed on canvas last even longer.

Do not place your canvas prints in places where direct sunlight will hit them. As much as photo printing companies will profess on the quality of their products and the materials that they use, too much exposure to direct sunlight will inevitably take its toll. Even the finest and most pricey inks are destined to fade in due time if heat and sun rays hits your photo daily. It is of course very important to place your canvas prints in areas that are well lighted in order to give them the focus and the attention that these fabulous works of art deserve. Still do bear in mind to prevent direct sunlight!

Always remember how the canvas cloth and wood frames are susceptible to heat and moisture. Even though putting these canvas photo prints above fireplaces may seem like an aesthetically great idea, try to remember that the heat that the fireplace can create can at some point have an effect on the quality of your photo.  It can make the canvas cloth brittle and constant exposure to heat from the stove or oven can make the colors fade easily. At the same time, canvas photo printswhich might be used to embellish the kitchen will usually be placed as far from the sink or spots where water and moisture will strike them. At the same time, keep them away from the stove where constantly changing temperature and food stains can damage these canvas photo prints. Humid places attract molds and moisture can sooner or later damage the quality of your canvas prints.

Make sure to dust your canvas photo prints regularly and ever so lightly. Dust can darken your canvas photo prints, especially when accumulated. More serious, they can harden and forever destroy your canvas photo prints. Dust and do not wipe them. Use your trusted feather duster or a light brush to clear away accrued dust as gently as possible. Dust them at least once every week; make sure that you do not use moistened cloth that can potentially damage your canvas photo prints.

In the event you are transferring to a new home or transferring your canvas prints from one space to another, take additional care in touching them to avoid permanently wrinkling or damaging the appearance of the canvas. When storing your canvas photo prints, make sure that they are wrapped and boxed properly.
Canvas prints are as unique as your most loved happy memories.  Great care should be taken in order to make these captured memories last.

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