Dec 21 2009

Lighting is essential to photographers

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One of the most important aspects of photography is the lighting.That is why professional photographers spend a lot of money in buying lighting equipment for their studio and field shoots.Proper lighting makes the difference between a great shot and a bad shot.So with that in mind here are some tips on how to achieve the correct lighting when taking shots.

First of all sometimes you don’t have the luxury of lighting in a studio.  Take weddings for example.  Usually you will have to work with the natural lighting. As a San Diego wedding photographer I have to deal with this all the time.Using natural lighting is not bad at all for photography.What determines a great photographer from a mediocre one is how they utilize the lighting.  For example overcast days are perfect for great shots.  But if you have a bright sunny day make sure to take the photos with the sun behind you.  That way you can use the natural lighting.

Events are another thing that would need lighting.  Doing a lot of San Diego event photography has allowed me to see the importance of this. Especially when you are taking pictures at night.  If you are taking pictures at night you have to use technology to your advantage.All cameras nowadays have night modes so be sure to use them.

Another thing that would need lighting is when you are taking corporate shots.What you usually want when taking corporate photos are that the shots shoudl be crisp.Best way of achieving this is through the use of lighting.  I use artificial lighting all the time as a San Diego commercial photographer all the time.This is dissimilar to wedding photos where you would just usually use the natural lighting.What’s nice about these corporate shots is that they are staged and that way your shots would really look good.

So those are some tips on becoming a better photographer through lighting. Remember how important lighting is and you will take great shots.

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