Jan 19 2010

Learn Which Photos to Use in Round Picture Frames and Which to Avoid

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Round picture frames add an artistic dimension to any picture frame collection. There are many different types of decorative round picture frames however, not every photo will look good in a round frame so you need to be careful. After you have read this article, you will have a better understanding of what type of pictures to avoid in round frames and which ones will look the best so you’ll always select the right frame for your photos.

Round picture frames are an interesting way to display pictures, but unfortunately most people put the wrong type of photos in them. So, to help you avoid the pitfalls of using round frames, it’s best to start off with the types of photos to avoid using in round frames.

What to Avoid With Round Frames

Round picture frames are a great choice in certain circumstances, but there are times when you should avoid using a round frame. Here are the top two types of photos to avoid when displaying round picture frames:

1) Close-up Headshots: The round shape of the frame tends to give faces a more full appearance. No one wants to look round or have a full looking face so never put a close up head-shot in a round frame. In almost every case it will be unflattering to the person in the picture so don’t do it. The only case where up close pictures look good in round frames are pictures of babies.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do headshots of people in a round frame but just don’t get too close. If you’re far enough away, headshots can look great framed but you should always pay attention to how the frame makes the person’s face look.

2) Cropping the Photo Too Tight:  If you need to crop a photograph to fit into a round frame, don’t crop it too close. You want the subject in the photo to have some space around them so they never look like they’re crammed inside the frame. Any picture you display in a round picture frame needs to have the subject positioned with an equal amount of space around them so the picture and frame complement each other.

Remembering not to crop your pictures too tight and not to use close up shots are two important rules that are easy to follow. That leaves a whole bunch of photos that you can use in round picture frames.

The Types of Photos to Use in Round Picture Frames

There are many pictures that will look great in a round picture frame. Round picture frames add interest to your picture and help to add a unique look to your decorating, whether it’s displayed all by itself or part of a picture wall display. Here are just a few ideas of what will look great in a round picture frame:

1) Landscape photos are perfectly suited for a round frame. Framing a landscape photo in a round frame makes it look like you’re gazing through a small window at the outside scenery. Round frames are best to use with landscape scenery taken at a distance so it best fits the dimensions of the frame.

2) Pets are a favorite choice for round decorative picture frames. The compact size of most pets makes their photos a great fit for a round photo frame, whether it’s a picture of their head or their entire body. 

3) Sketches, drawings, needlepoint or other artwork can be displayed beautifully in a round frame. If you are looking for a unique way to enhance and display your artistic creation, consider using a round picture frame.

4) Baby photos are a favorite choice for round photo frames. Round frames and the cute round shape of babies look great together. Just make sure to center your baby’s picture properly within the baby frame for best results.

5) Don’t limit your thinking to pictures. Photos and artwork are not the only items that look great in a round frame. Mirrors add depth and light to any room. Not only will you have a useful item on your wall, but it will add a beautiful stylish touch to your decor. 

If you’ve never used a round frame, now is a good time to try one. Now that you know what to avoid and what type of photo looks best in a round frame you will feel confident selecting a round picture frame that will add a stylish beauty to your home.

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