Nov 23 2009

Landscape Photography Tips

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Ever been disappointed in your digital landscape photography photos? Wonder why they don’t look as good as others that you have seen in books or magazines? Your not alone, most photographers are never happy with their own images. Not to mention the fact that you can’t rearrange a nature scene to your liking. Shooting landscapes does not have to be a mystery if you just take a minute to plan your shots.

Of course a nice breath taking view would be nice for starters, landscape photography is actually an art. Always be on the lookout for a great scene, what may just be “farm land” to someone, could actually be a winning photograph to others. Just as an example, I went to visit my Dad recently and he had this beautiful landscape scene photo that he had shot up on the Blueridge Parkway. I told him how really beautiful it was, it truly was a breath taking photo even though it was just of some farm land with bails of hay strewn about, a torn up roof on a barn, etc. Do you want to know what made the scene so beautiful? Season was the main key, my Dad took the photo during fall colors, the trees were beautiful. The trees were all changing with different colors, the lighting (time of day) was just right. It was just an awesome photograph. I guess my point is that you must consider all variations, my Dad took me to the spot where he shot the photo in the middle of the summer and I didn’t even take a picture, it just wasn’t “breath taking” on a plain ole summer day.

Other things that can add to the beauty of a landscape scene is weather. Consider storm clouds or white puffy clouds or even just a really beautiful deep blue sky. These are things to think about and be aware of as they can drastically alter the professionalism of your photographs. Night scenes may also be excellent, or sunset, or dawn, the natural lighting of the time a day can make all the difference from a boring shot to a photograph that will command a profit if sold.

When I was up on the Blueridge Parkway with my Dad, I began to notice textures, like old wood or even bails of hay, I took some very interesting pictures of hay and split rail fences and buildings with old grainy, gray wood. I think they are pretty awesome anyway. If properly composed, even an old wooden window can make a great photograph.

Nature scenes are always fun to shoot and are a favorite of many photographers. Especially, those breath taking landscape photographs.  At least you don’t have to make people smile, etc. One thing about nature, it don't have to "say cheese" to look pretty. Keep in mind the few tips I’ve given you here and your images will surely improve. Remember planning is a big part, visit your scene at different times of the day and keep in mind clouds, weather, lighting, tree colors, etc. Hopefully, I gave you some great ideas to consider when shooting landscape scenes. Ok, go take some great photos.

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