Sep 29 2008

Know The Fundamentals: Good Photography Tips

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Before using a camera, you should learn whatever you can about photography so that you can be sure of the results of your efforts. There are many resources you can use as photography tips – there are myriad books available, there are specialized camera/photography magazines and, of course, there is the internet. You can get many photography tips from any of these sources, skipping the topics that do not interest you. The basic fundamentals of photography tips are that you should know how to take the best shots, what you should keep in the background, what kind of lighting you should use, where necessary. If you are interested only in certain photography subjects like wedding photography tips, you should ideally concentrate only on that.

That Great Shot – A Great Photography Tip

Everybody wants to take that great shot, one which will be composed well and everybody looks good in it. There are three things you should keep in mind before you actually press the shutter button on your camera. Firstly, select the right background, taking out any extraneous items which may mar the picture – this is an important photography tip. Then see that the person or people or any subject/s in the picture are clearly visible, go nearer them if required, at the same time making sure that there the distance and dimension are right in the photograph. Check out the surroundings. Many times surroundings make or mar a picture. Whether you are taking everyday pictures, just for memories, or trying to produce some fine art, or trying to make an occasion more memorable, make sure that you keep this photography tip in mind.

Another Photography Tip – Never Take A Bad Picture Again

How often does it happen that you have lost a memorable moment simply because your photograph did not come out all right? One photography tip is to realize what error you committed while taking the picture. Once you find that out, you can correct your mistakes in future so that you never take a bad picture again. Another photography tip is to check out the lighting you are using for the picture, whether it is indoors or outdoors; check the distance of the camera from your subject; check the shutter speed.
Photography tips will be of great use whenever you use a camera, and why should you waste pictures or spoil the moment or mood which will not be recaptured even if you are using a digital camera. If you are shooting indoors, make sure that your subject is getting sufficient light? At the same time check the exposure of your camera – over-exposed pictures lack clarity and often white-out the subject. If it is getting dark, you may need to use a flash, but if there is sufficient light, you may just need to zoom to get a clear picture. If you are taking shots in the sunlight, remember that too much sunlight needs to be corrected by exposure, shutter speed or placing the subject in a shady place. All these photography tips will help you take better pictures. In the worst case scenario, you can always edit your photos using a photo editing software, so that they become better. Once you become adept at photography, you will be able to take great pictures, and also have no hesitation in putting them on display.

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