Oct 14 2009

Jobs for Photography

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Photographer’s Market: If you’re a freelance photographer, you’ll find Photographer’s Market to be one of your most useful tools in the trade. This resource is the closest thing to a bible of freelancers. Its 600+ pages include a comprehensive listing of work prospects for freelance photographers. An inexpensive copy of Photographer’s Market comes out every year.

Getting a photography job in a small city or town is not impossible. Inquire from local dailies and other small-scale publications if they might have something for you. By making your presence felt periodically, you can convert your prospects to actual clients who want to return to you for repeat services.

In case these strategies don’t work for you, consider marketing your services in the local classifieds section.

There are event coordinators and couples who will prefer your services over those offered by studios. You must have an outstanding portfolio and competitive rates to back you up.

Assistant Photographer: Jumpstart your career by being a photographer’s apprentice.

In a majority of wedding photo shoots, seasoned photographers appreciate the extra hand extended by a second photographer. Consider your assistantship as always a win-win scenario.

Some photographers will supply all the needed equipment: camera, memory cards, flash and lenses. Others give you leave to make use of your own camera, equipment and accessories. After the session, you may simply have to turn over your memory card of saved shots.

Working in pair is highly advantageous because it can generate a greater volume of photos and cover a wider array of angles at the wedding. There are definitely a great number of photographs that clients will receive. In this manner, you’ll be able to gain some experience in taking pictures. The lessons you learn will cover business views and professional techniques.

Post Processing Services: Your knowledge with Photoshop opens yet another type of service you can offer to professional photographers: the post processing of photographs.

Regarded by today’s photographers as a shot that captures every pixels of a scene, RAW shots are the preference among professionals who consider weddings to be their niche. Note that these RAW photographs necessitate post processing before printing or final turnover to the client. Without a doubt, majority of the individuals who offer photo processing services use Photoshop.

Post processing is time- consuming. Prepare to invest a dose of patience though because there’s simply no escaping from the step. Take for instance 500 photos from a wedding. To complete the post processing of the entire batch, you could be spending up to 8 hours in front of your computer. Of course, the period required to complete the process may be shorter or longer in actuality and this is where the speed of your computer comes in. If you offer this type of service, you’re actually doing other photographers a huge favor. The 8 hours of work you just unloaded from their schedule can turn out to be more productive when delegated to bookings and marketing. To post process photos, all you need to invest in is a PC and the right software.

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