Jul 08 2009

Images That Sell

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If you are considering becoming a professional photographer the main factor to think about is how to create stunning images. There are a variety of other factors to think about depending on the subject and the job you have been given but creating an image that captures people’s interest is very important.

While out driving if you come across some wildlife that you are impressed by, get your camera out Watch for sunsets, moonrise, cloud formations and tree shapes. Keep your eyes peeled on your pets and the way they are posed.  Visit flower shops and exhibitions. Flower pictures are many photographers’ bread and butter and they can be easily photographed. Greeting card markets love photos of flowers, gardens, sunsets, sky scrapers and cute photos of animals. Wildlife and nature are great for calendars and geographic magazines as well as educational fields. You can see some great scenery in a mulititude of places. Check out photography Wales

Diversity and quality are the biggest aspects in photography. The wider the range of topics you cover, the more likely you will get a sale. Anyone can make a good living from stock photos. Freelance photographer Dmitri Markine sells just as many photos taken from his own backyard as from exotic and far away locations. If you love travelling, put your holidays to work for you. Travel guides, brochures and websites could be possible markets for your photos. Take photographs everywhere you go!

So what to do with that beautiful photograph? The edges are sharp as razor, while the clarity would bring joy to many publishers; the main thing to aim for with any image is to sell it to multiple markets. This will be done for you if you send images to an agency. They sell to large corporations as well as small business. It’s a perfect way to gain some exposure and see what’s out there.You do not have to sell you images yourself but weill probably get more sales if you put the effort in yourself.

It is important for any photographer to keep a portfolio of his work to show. A possible buyer could ask to see your photographs at any point. No one will not be impressed if you have to dig through a dusty desk to scrape them together or use email to send them to clients. Have a printed portfolio as well as a web based portfolio.  When you do get a sale, don’t charge a large amount just because the picture only took a few minutes of your time. You’ve spent years learning your craft. You spend a considerable amount on equipment, advertising and education and your photos are worth a decent figure.

If you really know what you are talking about and can take a fantastic shot, think of submitting it to a publication or a magazine, along with all the details of the precise equipment you used and a step-by step guide of your procedure. A bit of a challenge perhaps, but worth the effort. There are many other markets to consider too; all kind of magazines, newspapers, travel guides and books. So grab your camera and don’t stop shooting! Photography is an art and the more you practice the better you will become. No famous photographers became like that overnight. We all worked non-stop to perfect our skills. Take a look at photographers South Wales

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