Nov 30 2009

How To Use Chroma Key For Authentic-Looking Backgrounds

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There can be nothing worse than taking a professional photograph with a squirming 2 year old child, and a parent staring you down for that perfect shot.To make it even harder, imagine having a boring backdrop, a backdrop that doesn’t belong with the child`s theme. Throw in an extra boring background to the sum and the resulting chaos makes you feel a tad on the edge from it all.  How can you solve these problems and come out with professional portraits that will make others search you out?  Here is how by using chroma key or screen wizardry.

No one likes to see a phony photographed backdrop when using a professional printed background.These tricks of the trade may help you - just take a look.Finding high-quality, realistic props helps a great deal.  By using a green screen and the work-horse (fast chroma key software), the work becomes effortless and more profitable when using  a digital photograph for the background. What else you can do: you can align the object and the background just right instead of trying to juggle so many tasks at a time.

Have the person sitting or standing in front of the green screen. Then, insert a prop or two that can create the impression that the person is really present in the digital background.Some examples are to show special time of a birthday with a gift-wrapped present.If the person is in a flower garden (on the final photo), have them hold flowers or flower props in their hands.  The important factor is to make the photograph look natural.Working with a better quality prop coupled with an equally superior digital background makes for an enchanting natural looking scene.

Props help to draw the viewer into the photograph and make the portrait more emotional.Thisnk about it, which is more eye-catching a person standing or a person holding a soccer award with a smile mile-wide on their face?We all know from experience that, at times, a prop can tell a whole story.  Imagine a child holding a birthday present untying the bow and the rest of the story unfolds before your eyes.

We all love to hear stories and the same goes for photography.  Nothing tugs at our heart strings to see a new puppy with its owner.  Take that puppy and place it into a park with its favorite ball and you can feel the joy surround the photograph.  Props give any portrait instant emotions and add life to any photograph. Green Screen Wizard software helps you make it a snap.

Imagine how much fun you will have: how to use green screen software program with your portraits a.k.a chroma key software to produce high-quality, authentic-looking snapshots of peoples’ lives.

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