Apr 09 2010

How to Take Pictures When Traveling

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1.Taking Photos of Everyday Life.  Many of the most fascinating aspects of sightseeing are observing the contrasts between everyday life in your vacation destination versus daily life back at home Pictures of the local people at work reveal alot about their special culture. Snapping photos of local types of transportation, like trains and buses, capture the exotic flavor of a distant location.Be sure to correctly frame your pictures in order to mazimize the results.

Yet, before taking photos of individuals, first ascertain how the people in that country feel about tourists taking their pictures. I often fly to the Central American country of Honduras, and people there like to have their pictures taken, particularly photos of their young children. However, I discovered this past summer that the French people do  not  like their picture to be taken. What they really find offensive is for a stranger to take photos of children. Therefore, be sure to ascertain what the local feelings are and respect them.

2. Markets and Town Plazas.Town plazas usually allow unique chances to take candid pictures of people at leisure. Another place where you can find people in their normal, everyday setting is the city market. In fact, not only do the buyers and sellers in the market make good subjects, but the fruits and vegetables and other goods being sold can capture the local flavor. 

3. Learn to Take Candid Photos.  Quite often people will be happy to pose for pictures, but I personally like unposed pictures of people when I am on a trip. I try to always be sensitivel, not only to respect the customs of a country, but also not to capture a picture of a person that most people would find offensive. Usually the best way to capture such candid photos is by using a medium telephoto lens (about 100 mm to 200 mm). Using such a telephoto lens, my experience has been that people are not even aware that their photo is being taken. Accordingly, owning the right camera equipment helps alot.

4. Find What Is Unusual.Try to discover what is unusual and special about the place that you are traveling through, regardless of whether you are in a new area in your own state or in a faraway land. If it is a famous area, you will naturally want to take photos of the well-known sites. But please don’t stop there. Capture pictures of various aspects of the area that have impressed you, although they aren’t as famous. Landscape photography in a faraway country provides a special dimension, as you discover scenery different from what you are familiar with.

5. Bring Out the Exotic With Color.Do not be afraid of making bold use of bright colors in your travel pictures, particularly if you are in an exotic place. Capture deep blue skies and bright flowers. Snap photos of people in colorful clothing. I love taking photographs when I travel to Honduras because the Hondurans love bright colors. They prefer not to paint their trucks with the plain-vanilla colors of most trucks in the U.S. Rather, they are often striped with bright blue, red, and yellow.

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