Dec 29 2009

How to support a photographer in capturing perfect photos

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One thing we want when we hire a photographer is someone who knows how to take great photos.But one thing that gets overlooked is the mere fact that if you are the subject of the photo you can definitely help.  In other words unless your photographer is a world class fashion photographer you can help.  So here are some tips on helping a photographer take great shots.

To get beautified is the very first tip.By this, what do I mean? For the photo shoot simply make yourself look at your very best.  Obviously as a San Diego wedding photographer it is easy because most people will be at their best.  But if it isn’t a wedding you can get nice make up.  Or you can get nice clothes and your hair done.In other words if you look good it definitely makes it easier for the photographer to make you look at your best.

The next thing you can do is practice.Just like well known fashion models need to practice their creative poses in front of a mirror.  If you know you are going to be a subject of photos practice your poses as well.  Knowing what kind of shots you will be taking will help.  That is why as a San Diego commercial photographer service I always let my subjects know what types of photos I will be taking.

Finally you absolutely need to relax when you are getting any type of pictures taken.  It could be some big event, but if you are not relaxed you won’t look good in the photos.  That is why as a San Diego event photography service my goal is to let my subjects get as comfortable as possible.Because if they are not comfortable it will definitely show in the picture.

So those are some significant tips you can do to help your hired photographer capture great photos.As you can see perfect looking photos are not absolutely up to the photographer.  What you do to prepare yourself can make a big difference.

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